5 Ways To Permanently Delete Data In Windows

Did you know that there have been more than 300 massive data breaches within corporations over the past ten years? It is important if your business has old electronics that it wants to get rid of that you know how to delete data from the temporary file as well as the hard drive.

A clever thief will know to check the recycle bin and other places where financial data and other sensitive information could be. You need to make sure that you’re getting rid of that data permanently for good safety practices and good computer hygiene.

The good news is that you’re in the right place to learn about five helpful ways to delete data from your company’s electronics. Keep reading for more.

1. Keyboard Shortcuts

The fastest way to delete data from your computer without the help of a certified storage erasure is to use keyboard shortcuts. Start by opening your File Explorer and finding the files that you wish to delete. Select multiple files by using the Control key.

Once you’ve highlighted the files you wish to get rid of, hit the “Delete” button and they’ll get moved to your recycle bin. From there, you’ll have to delete the file in a manual way.

2. Right-Click Menu

Another great way that you can delete files is with the right-click function. Highlight all of the files that you’re looking at getting rid of Using the right-click button will bring up a prompt that will let you select “Delete” for the file that you want to get rid of.

3. File Explorer’s Ribbon

You can also delete files and move them to the recycle bin by selecting the “Delete” button on the File Explorer’s ribbon. This ribbon has a number of different options on it from “Copy” to “Delete” so make sure that you’re selecting the right button.

4. PowerShell

Another option that you have for deleting files on your Windows computer is through the use of PowerShell. Start the Command Prompt to bring up PowerShell and enter the command for deleting the file. You’ll type in del “path to file”.

Once you’ve typed in the command you’ll need to press “Enter” and the file will get deleted. Keep in mind that these files do not get moved to the recycle bin when you delete data this way.

5. Specialized Software

Getting specialized software is another effective option that you can choose if you’re looking for ways to delete data from your computer. There are a number of different options for software when it comes to computer hygiene that is free.

Now You’re Ready to Delete Data from Your Computer

There are a number of options that you can choose from if you decide to delete data from your computer when the time comes to recycle your electronics. Knowing these different options will improve computer hygiene and protect your sensitive information from potential thieves. Make sure that you don’t leave anything in the recycle bin.

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