5 Ways to Reduce Buffering When Streaming Movies Online

Everyone would agree that buffering is the most annoying problem when streaming movies online. And things get even more maddening when you have a good internet speed, and you still have to face buffering.

To be honest, even after you do all the above-mentioned steps, there is no guarantee that things will improve. If you do not want to face such a situation, you need to think of credible alternatives. There is no harm in going old-fashioned every once in a while, and downloading content in advance that you wish to catch. You can turn to platforms like RARBG to help you.

If you have been trying to watch online and you just can’t seem to get rid of the buffering, then this article is for you. 

We are going to give you some of the best ways you solve lag and buffering issues when streaming movies online. 

The methods that we are going to talk about work just fine for restoring the network speed and will allow you to watch movies without buffering. You can check websites like worldgeek to read blogs

So, let’s get started

  • Close Apps that Might be Using the Internet

A lot of the time, there are many system apps running in the background that use system resources. These apps use resources like system storage and even internet bandwidth. 

You need to close all the unnecessary applications that you know you won’t be using at that moment. 

Once you close the unnecessary application, you’d see a considerable difference in the streaming speed. But if the problem still persists, you need to try out the following approach.  

  • Use a Lower Resolution Video Quality

If the internet is simply just slow because of some reason like too many devices or because of some network issue at the backend, then you can’t do anything to stream the video in high resolution. 

If you still want to stream the video, you can choose a lower resolution video. Movies sites like Moviesda 2020 offer multiple qualities for the videos that they have to offer. 

If the high-quality video doesn’t work for you, you can choose another quality that works the best for the kind of internet speed that you have.   

  • Restart your WiFi Device

WiFi devices need regular maintenance to work at their best. If you are facing low internet speed issues and it is causing buffering for you, then you might want to restart the device. 

Once you restart the device, it resets itself and boots up again in a fresh way. This resets the entire WiFi device and anything that might be causing the problem because of the WiFi device, goes away. 

Restarting a WiFi device is quite simple. You just need to follow the instructions that have been given with your device. You should be able to easily restart the device in a simple and easy way. 

  • Disconnect Other Devices Connected to the Internet

If you have many different devices around your home that are connected to the internet, you should disconnect them all at once so that none of those devices use the internet. 

If you have multiple mobile phones, laptops, or other devices that are connected to the internet, the speed would be divided into all these devices. This will reduce the speed of the device that you want to use for streaming online. 

By disconnecting all these devices, all the internet speed is saved only for the connected device and it would reduce the video buffering issues.  

  • Use Wired Connection

Although wireless connection performance has improved a lot over the years, the wires or ethernet connection is still considered to be the most reliable way of connecting a device to the internet. 

You should connect your laptop or PC to the internet via a wired connection. Using a cable would ensure that you are getting the optimal internet speed for your website. You can visit pastnews to learn more about the latest wireless technologies. 

The bottom line is, using a wired connection is a reliable way of getting the most out of your internet speed and it can help eliminate the buffering issues when streaming online. 

Final Words

If you have tried all the above-motioned methods and you are still facing buffering, then the problem might be with your internet connection. In this scenario, you’d need to upgrade your internet connection to get rid of the buffering. The methods that we have talked about here work to solve most buffering issues but if the problem is your internet connection, you have no other option but to get a network upgrade. 


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