6 Benefits of Shower Chairs for Elderly People

Benefits of Shower Chairs

Showers are probably one of those things you don’t think twice about; until you experience the hard way that it really can ruin your day. Unlike other types of problems, such as running out of money or breaking a favorite object, all it takes for any kind of problem to happen is for someone to step in and turn it into their own piece of work- and we typically fear this more than we should. There’s not much we can do to escape the dreaded diseases that old age has in store for us, but one of the minor perks of aging is that our reflexes and sense of smell improves. Unfortunately, there are still some extra steps that get in the way during showering time-taking the “shower chair” trend to a new level.

How a shower chair can allow you to have a bath

Using adjustable shower chairs can help to increase mobility, allow people with any form of disability to have a bath in the comfort of their own home. elders who don’t require assistance can benefit from this tool by reducing their risk of accidental falls. Buying a shower chair for your elderly family member can provide numerous benefits to them and you. A shower chair frees up time and space and allows the person with the chair to take a bath instead of needing someone to help apply shampoo and body soap. An advancement in home technology, shower chairs allow for elderly people to have a refreshing bath with the help of the water being poured over them. This not only softens their skin but can prevent bed sores.

What a shower chair can do for an elderly person

A shower chair can be a life-changing device for elderly people who do not have the physical strength or flexibility necessary to walk on a hard surface. It can assist them in bathing, getting dressed, and going to the bathroom – tasks that would typically take a long time if a person is doing them standing on one foot. A shower chair may provide other health benefits to elderly people as well. A 2005 study published in the American Journal of Physiology found that shower chairs effectively increased blood circulation, “which has other important physiological effects such as increasing insulin sensitivity”. Shower chairs are portable, fold up for easy storage, and assist with mobility issues.

People who should be careful around a shower stool

People with risk factors for falls, older adults, and those who take medications should avoid the shower stool because it could pose a potential fall hazard. However, if someone has difficulty standing up from sitting down, teak shower stool is an excellent option. In addition to sitting positions that are uncomfortable for many people to take without assistance, having a shower stool allows someone to have assistance from their hands. Showering can be a difficult task for senior citizens who have been experiencing health problems that make it difficult to take a shower. It may be prudent to hire a drain cleaning company from time to time. However, those people who remain vigilant may avoid the common water problems that plague showers by paying careful attention to their showers.

Safety tips when using a shower stool

Just like preventing falls, a shower stool can help people who have difficulty bending or reaching their shower. With a shower chair that provides lots of grip and stability, people with limited mobility can more easily get in and out of the tub without hurting themselves. In addition to safety, shower chairs provide an opportunity for more independence for the elderly.

Safety tips when using a shower stool

Elderly people caring at home should consider getting a shower chair

If you have a very aged loved one at home, remember to get a shower chair. This is because the elderly tend to fall over most often when they are showering or bathing. This can lead to injuries or undesirable deaths from blunt force trauma. A shower chair will often be better for your loved one as they won’t have a harder time healing with a broken hip or worse case scenario, death.

Important things to consider prior to using shower chair

Nowadays, we realize the importance of an elderly home because it provides a nurturing environment which is why most households today have one. Certain nursing homes and assisted living facilities may offer shower chairs which help boost your mobility and staying up. With that said, before you get started with obtaining a shower, don’t underestimate the need for caregiving to your elderly parent or aged relative and use the chair correctly and safely.


It takes time to get used to walking in your shower, especially if you use a cleaning product like Comet. There are many benefits that shower chairs provide for the elderly. Elderly people who sit in their bathtub can become hunched back and reachable to injuries or serious conditions such as heart attack or stroke. Additionally, a shower chair provides a safer option for bathing children because it can fit in an adult-sized tub while offering ample room for the elderly person’s individual support needs.

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