6 Best Fuel and Oil Separators Companies

In today’s industrial settings, separators are vital for maintaining environmental compliance and enhancing operational efficiency and effectiveness. Companies in many different industries rely on fuel and oil separators to keep oil clean and free of impurities.  However, choosing the right separator can have far-reaching effects on operational efficiency and environmental compliance.

This article will compare and contrast six leading fuel and oil separator brands, discussing each one’s advantages and disadvantages and providing actual testimonials from satisfied customers. Whether you work in manufacturing, the automobile industry, or some other field, finding a reliable separator firm is essential.

1)  Resolute Civils

Company Overview

In the field of oil separation technologies, Resolute Civils has established itself as a leading innovator. From its humble beginnings as a civil engineering firm, Resolute Civils has turned into a leading provider of modern oil separation solutions for a wide variety of commercial and industrial clients.

They are well-known for being adaptable in fulfilling the varied expectations of their clients, and their high-tech approach and service range allow them to serve a variety of markets throughout the world.


  • Resolute Civils distinguishes itself from the competition due to their state-of-the-art oil separation systems and technological advancements that revolutionise the oil separation process.
  • They have always been ahead of the curve when it comes to developing innovative solutions for the industry, and their track record speaks for itself.
  • Fast and friendly Customer Service: When customers have questions or concerns, the professional and respectful customer service representatives are there to answer them right away.


  • Supply chain problems can occasionally cause delays in getting things out the door, delaying their arrival at customers’ doors. This makes them sensitive to concerns that affect product availability.
  • There are goods that may have too much technology for simple uses; their technology may be the best, but it may be too complicated for simple needs.

Customer Reviews

Praise for innovative technology: The technology they offer is not just good; it’s revolutionary. It has changed the way we handle oil separation.

Complaint about product availability: It can be frustrating when products you need are not available due to supply issues.

Positive review on customer support: Any time I’ve had an issue, their customer service has been quick to assist. Very reliable.

Review on over-engineering: Their equipment does more than we sometimes need. It’s impressive but can be a bit much for smaller projects.

High satisfaction in technological superiority: No other company offers the level of technology that Resolute Civils does. We are extremely satisfied with the performance.


Contact: (01) 485 3184

2)  Alfa Laval

Company Overview

Alfa Laval’s expertise in heat transfer, centrifugal separation and fluid handling dates back to their establishment in Sweden in 1883. Over many years, this company has enjoyed remarkable growth, becoming widely-renowned as an innovative engineering provider.

Alfa Laval provides an expansive portfolio of heavy-duty separators, decanters, complete installations and integrated solutions tailored to the food processing facility market, marine industry and dairy. They have a global reach of over 100 nations. They’re committed to sustainable practices and technological innovations with quality solutions as their central theme.  Alfa Laval stands as an international name with international trustworthiness.


  • Alfa Laval’s separators use cutting-edge technologies to achieve optimal oil separation from water or other substances, guaranteeing peak operational productivity in oil separation processes.
  • Superior Support and Service for Clients’ Upkeep, Problems, and Maintenance: The organisation is quite proud of the excellent support and service it provides to its clients.


  • Alfa Laval may be more expensive than competitor brands due to the premium cost of their quality and technology.
  • When it comes to less demanding or smaller applications, their product variety is often lacking, in contrast to their broad assortment for large-scale industrial usage.

Customer Reviews

Review from a large industrial client: Our experience with Alfa Laval’s separators has significantly boosted our production efficiency. Their systems are incredibly robust, providing us with long-term reliability.

Feedback from a mid-sized company: While the initial cost was higher than others, the performance and durability of Alfa Laval’s equipment have justified the investment.

Testimonial from a small business owner: I found their product range a bit overwhelming for my small-scale needs, though the quality is undoubtedly top-notch.

Opinion from an environmental specialist: Alfa Laval’s commitment to sustainability is evident in their products. Their separators help us meet strict environmental regulations.

User experience from a maintenance engineer: The service support from Alfa Laval has been exceptional. Any issues we’ve encountered were swiftly addressed, making maintenance hassle-free.

3)  Kingspan

Company Overview

  • Kingspan specialises in creating more pleasant environments through high-quality products designed to manage energy and water resources more effectively.
  • Insulation and building materials company known for providing innovative solutions; but also specialise in water management systems including oil separators.
  • Kingspan holds multiple patents for its technologies, which means you won’t find similar products anywhere else.


  • Cost-Effective Solutions: Kingspan products deliver great value, helping customers save money over time.
  • Wide Selection and Customisation Options: They have various sizes available as well as can customise products according to specific customer requirements.
  • Kingspan takes great pride in prioritising environmental sustainability; their products aim to have minimal ecological footprint and be as eco-friendly as possible.


  • Slow customer support response times: Receiving assistance may require waiting a  while from customer support.
  • Some products may require frequent maintenance: A few of their products need to be checked and fixed often to keep them working well.

Customer Reviews

Positive review highlighting value for money: Kingspan’s separators are priced well and they really help cut down our operating costs.

detailed analysis regarding customer support: I wish their customer service was faster. Sometimes you need help quickly and it can be slow.

Praise for customization options: We needed a custom solution and Kingspan was able to provide exactly what we needed. Very impressed!

A neutral review discussing maintenance needs: The product works fine, but be prepared to spend time on maintenance.

Positive feedback on environmental impact: It’s great to see a company that cares about the environment as much as Kingspan does. Their products help us meet our green goals.

4)  Klargester

Company Overview

Klargester has a long history in the environmental industry, focusing on providing solutions for managing water and wastewater. Over the years, they have grown into a well-respected company with a commitment to research and development.

Klargester uses modern technology, including internet-based monitoring systems (IoT), to make their products smarter and more efficient. They operate internationally, offering their advanced systems around the world.


  • Advanced technological integration like IoT monitoring: Klargester’s products include smart technology that allows users to monitor and control systems remotely.
  • Robust build quality: Their separators are built to last, able to withstand tough conditions and keep working effectively.
  • Active R&D department for continuous improvement: They continually research and develop new technologies to keep improving their products.


  • Premium pricing strategy: Klargester’s products are more expensive than some others, reflecting their advanced technology and quality.
  • Complexity of installation for some products: Installing their systems can be complicated, requiring professional help.

Customer Reviews

Review praising advanced features: The IoT features in Klargester’s system are fantastic. Being able to monitor everything remotely is a huge advantage.

Complaint about installation difficulties: Getting the system set up was more challenging than expected. You definitely need a professional.

Satisfaction from a tech-savvy user: As someone who loves technology, I appreciate the sophistication of Klargester’s products. They’re a step ahead.

Feedback from an industry expert on pricing: You pay a premium, but the technology and reliability you get in return are worth it.

General customer satisfaction from long-term users: We’ve been using Klargester for years, and their systems have always been reliable. It’s a brand we trust.

6. Resolute Engineering Group

Company Overview

Resolute Engineering Group has made a name for itself with a focus on engineering excellence and innovative solutions. Although relatively new in the industry, they’ve quickly established a solid reputation.

Their main products include advanced oil separators and related services that cater to a variety of industrial needs. What sets them apart is their dedication to pushing the boundaries of design and functionality, making them a standout choice in their field.


  • High customer loyalty and satisfaction rates: Customers often return to Resolute Engineering Group due to their positive experiences and the high quality of their products.
  • Offers additional services like installation and maintenance: They go beyond just selling products by also providing comprehensive installation and ongoing maintenance services.
  • Innovative design and functionality: Their products are known for innovative features that not only meet but exceed industry standards.


  • Limited availability in certain geographical areas: Not all markets have easy access to their products, which can be a disadvantage for potential customers in those areas.
  • Some products are less efficient than competitors: While many of their products lead the market, a few may fall short in efficiency compared to offerings by their competitors.

Customer Reviews

Loyal customer review: I’ve been with Resolute Engineering Group since the beginning. Their products have never let me down.

Negative feedback related to geographical service limits: It’s frustrating that their newer products take so long to become available in our region.

Positive review highlighting innovative design: The design and functionality of their separators are truly ahead of their time. Very impressed with what they’ve managed to achieve.

Mixed review on efficiency: While the design is top-notch, I find that some models aren’t as efficient as others on the market.

Positive comment on extra services: The installation and maintenance support provided by Resolute Engineering is outstanding. It really adds value to their products.


Choosing the right oil separator company is essential for operational efficiency and environmental compliance. In this review, we explored six leading companies, each with unique strengths and challenges, from advanced technology and customer support to pricing and installation complexities.

Whether you need modern solutions or cost-effective options, consider what matters most for your specific requirements. We hope this guide aids in making an informed decision that aligns with your needs and goals. For tailored information, reach out directly to these companies.

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