6 Factors Influencing Same-Day Visa Approval

Making careful visa arrangements is often necessary when traveling to the exciting parts of the UAE. Getting a UAE visa in less than a day would be the easiest and most practical way to get around the usual waiting periods for applications.

In this blog, we examine the possibilities and routes for obtaining a UAE visa in a short time, explaining the conventional and expedited choices accessible to excited tourists.

6 Factors Influencing Same-Day Visa Approval

Several factors influence the approval of a same-day UAE visa. These include:

A. Document Accuracy and Completeness:

Providing complete & accurate documentation is crucial for a swift approval process. Ensure all required documents, including the application form, passport, and supporting materials, are in order.

B. Prior Visa History

A positive visa history, especially if the applicant has previously adhered to visa regulations and had successful visa experiences, can positively impact same-day approval.

C. Urgency and Justification:

Clearly stating the urgency and justifiable reasons for expedited processing can influence authorities to prioritize the application. Emergency situations or time-sensitive travel plans may be taken into consideration.

D. Payment of Expedited Fees

Payment of additional fees associated with expedited processing is often a requirement. Timely and accurate payment can contribute to a smoother approval process.

E. Government Policies and Regulations

Adherence to the latest government policies and regulations is crucial. Any changes in visa requirements or procedures should be considered for a successful application.

F. Communication and Follow-Up

Prompt and clear communication with the visa processing authorities and diligent follow-up on the application status can expedite the overall process.

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Can I Get UAE Visa In 1 Day?

While the traditional UAE visa application process typically takes longer, obtaining a visa within 1 day is possible under certain circumstances.

Express Visa Options

  • Cheap Dubai visa: This service offered by various agencies, including the Cheap Dubai visa, can process your visa application within 4 to 24 hours, depending on your nationality and specific requirements. Expect higher fees and specific requirements like travel with specific airlines.
  • Visa on Arrival:Citizens of specific countries, mostly GCC nationals and some European countries can get a visa upon arrival at designated airports in the UAE for shorter stays (typically 30 days). Check the latest list of eligible nationalities on the ICA website.

Costs Associated with Expedited Visa Processing

  • Standard visa processing fees typically range from around $50 to $200.
  • Expedited processing fees can add anywhere from $50 to $500 to the standard fee.
  • If you use a visa agent, expect to pay an additional fee, typically around $50 to $100.

Traditional UAE Visa Application Process

The traditional UAE visa application involves determining eligibility, choosing a visa type (single or multiple entry), and gathering required documents like a completed application, valid passport, photograph, travel insurance, accommodation proof, and payment.

Applications can be submitted in person at a UAE embassy, consulate, or through an authorized agent. Online applicants must upload scanned documents. Processing times vary by nationality and visa type, so applying at least two weeks before travel is recommended.

Upon approval, collect the visa from the submission location, or if applied online, receive it electronically.

Points to Remember

  • Even with express options, visa approval is not guaranteed and depends on individual circumstances.
  • Express visa options and visas on arrival might only be available for some nationalities.
  • Express processing usually has significantly higher fees than the standard process.
  • Some express visas might restrict entry points or airlines you can use.
  • nsure all necessary documents are ready, even for express options.



While the traditional UAE visa application process follows a more deliberate timeline, expedited options provide a faster route for those with urgent travel needs. It is imperative for applicants to weigh the costs, consider eligibility criteria, and ensure all documentation is in order.

The dream of obtaining a UAE visa in one day must become a reality by navigating the complexities of same-day visa approval with an effective strategy that combines efficiency, transparency, and adherence to regulations.

How can I get UAE visa in 24 hours?

Exploring express visa options such as the Dubai Express Visa is a viable way to secure a UAE visa within 24 hours.

How can I get UAE visa fast?

Opting for express visa services, like the Dubai Express Visa, ensures a faster processing time for those with urgent travel plans.

How many days it will take to get visa for UAE?

The standard processing time for a UAE visa varies based on nationality and type, but express options can expedite the process significantly.

Can I get Dubai visa in 2 hours?

While obtaining a Dubai visa in 2 hours is ambitious, certain express services may offer processing times as short as 4 to 24 hours, depending on specific requirements and nationality.

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