6 Types of Counselling Therapies Available in Singapore To Help You Feel Calm

In the 21st century, human civilization has made drastic improvements. Because of technological advancements, the gap between countries, society, people, and their families has become close to none. We can always video call our close ones if we want to see them, we can also keep real-time track of them (in case someone has left their aged parents or children) using GPS and CCTV. But the work environment has become more and more complicated with each passing day. Especially, with the emerging and blooming corporate industry and already existing multinational companies, the workforce has become more prominent.

Singapore is one of the best corporate hubs in the world. More than 400,000 registered businesses have their offices in Singapore. Everyday things like working, studying, and living in Singapore can be stressful for people. Due to increasing work pressure and unbalanced personal life, the employees of these companies sometimes become mentally and psychologically vulnerable. Intricacies such as depression, anxiety, insomnia, nervous breakdown, alcoholism or even lunacy may show up in those people if these types of problems go unchecked. To get rid of your mental problem you can look for counselling in Singapore.

Why is Counselling in Singapore needed?

According to a report published by Singapore Mental Health Study in December 2018, 1 out of 7 people in Singapore experience issues like anxiety, mood and alcohol disorder. Furthermore, after thorough research, it was found out that major depressive disorder was the most common psychological problem that people in Singapore were facing. The data suggested that 1 out of 16 people were mentally depressed. But the striking point in this study was that most of the people were not reaching out to the counsellors or therapists. Maybe, it was because those people couldn’t identify that they were going through some mentally distressing conditions.

Seeking counselling from therapists can help you get your peace of mind.

There are several different kinds of clinics where you can get counselling in Singapore. You can also contact professional counsellors or psychotherapists who can help you get rid of your psychological issues. Earlier, therapy used to be a taboo subject but now with more awareness using digital media and other mediums as well as government initiatives, people are becoming more and more aware of these particular illnesses and their symptoms. The result of which is that people are becoming more vocal, building awareness among their peers and colleagues as well as opening up about their mental problems.

Types of counselling therapies

Counselling or therapy sessions can be of different types according to the person’s mental condition. The available sessions of counselling in Singapore has no exception. Depending upon the person’s nature, counsellors offer unique counselling or therapies. Here are some popular methods of counselling therapies offered below.


A common type of talking therapy is Psychotherapy. Unlike other therapies, it is very much popular among the general public. In this therapy, people are allowed to talk about their past (which can be the actual cause of their mental stress) and in doing so gradually these people make peace with their present selves so that they can move on with their life. You can easily get psychotherapy counselling in Singapore.


The concept of Mindfulness was derived from Buddhism. The core idea behind this therapy is to accept your current emotion without judging oneself. The simple yet amazing fact behind this therapy is that you can practice your daily normal chores and be mindful of them. For example, you can practice mindful breathing, walking and eating.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, as the name suggests, is a mode of counselling where you can try to get rid of the habits that are not helping you, negatively affecting you or holding you back. Therapists help you get rid of those habits so that you can face future challenges without holding back yourself.

Positive Psychology

Positive Psychological Therapy focuses on the betterment of the human condition. Whatever is working well on the person, utilising that strong point, positive therapy tries to help the clients deal with their current situation and to desire and visualize a positive outcome. You can find many registered clinics that use this type of counselling in Singapore.

Sound Therapy

In Sound Therapy, specific sound waves are created using a special kind of bowl made of special materials like different alloys or crystals. These sounds help people relieve their stress. Tibetan singing bowl masters usually make use of this particular method and create special therapy sessions.

Trauma releasing exercises

There are parts in your body muscles that hold on to stress. Trauma Releasing Exercise (TRE) focuses on releasing the stored up tensions in your muscle. TRE helps a person to keep his body and mind in a state of balance. Look out for professionals who are certified in this counselling process if you are trying to opt for one.

Overall, if you are currently residing in Singapore and need help for yourself or your loved ones, you can reach out to the communities and professionals who offer counselling in Singapore as well as therapies. There is absolutely nothing to worry about, getting proper counselling in Singapore will help you lead a much healthier life.


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