6 Types of Foods You Must Try in Sydney 

Sydney has more sides than just its beautiful beaches, lush surroundings, enchanting hills, and fine wines. This Emerald City also has a bustling food scene. From the spicy tangling taste of Asian cuisine to the fresh Medditterain cuisine, fresh and delectable French pastries to hot and warm dishes from Europe, it caters to all sorts of tastebuds. 

In this blog, we have listed our top 6 favourite types of foods you must try in Sydney. 

6 Foods You Must Try in Sydney

While grilled sausages, meat pies, chicken parmigiana, barramundi, and other dishes are staples of Australian cuisine, Sydney is a melting pot of all cuisines from all over the world. This city’s foodscape is anchored by chefs who serve dishes whose ingredients are sourced from local farms to importing authentic ingredients from its homeland. But there’s more to it, though, as you’ll find delicacies inspired by both the East and the West.

Furthermore, since the country has welcomed immigrants, there have been culinary adaptations from various cultures. However, it would be a food crime not to try these dishes at some of Sydney’s most famous cafes and restaurants.

So here are our top picks for foods you must try at least once in Sydney:

  1. Korean Street Food

Korean street food in Sydney has a certain magic to it. Perhaps it’s the way flavours blend in dishes like Tteokbokki, or how each bite of Kimbap transports you back to Seoul’s bustling streets. As a self-proclaimed Korean street food enthusiast, we have seen the demand for these delicacies skyrocket here in Sydney. And why wouldn’t it? Korean street food has the ability to warm your soul.

Must try Korean street food: Tteobokki, Soondae, Gimbap, Myeon, Kimbap

  1. Filipino Food

Filipino cuisine is deliciously diverse. It offers everything, from caramel flans, heavily spiced sausages, soups with smoke and fire, and thick soups. It’s a country with a history of Chinese immigration, Mexican trade, and Spanish colonisation, so its cuisine is full of juicy meats and seafood, among other things.

Filipino cuisine has a cult following, so much so that for the past few years, Australian food bloggers, have hailed Filipino cuisine as “the next big thing”. So if you are a Sydney native or are a traveller looking to try food in Sydney, make sure to try some deliciously diverse Filipino food. 

Must try Filipino Food: Chicken Adobo, Lechon, Pork Barbeque, Silog, Sisig. 

  1. Vietnamese Food

Vietnamese Cuisine is more than just Pho. The cuisine consists of five fundamental tastes: sweet, salty, bitter, sour, and spicy. Each dish’s distinct nature reflects one or more elements (such as nutrients and colours), all of which are based on a five-pronged philosophy.

Traditional Vietnamese cooking is mainly made out of fresh ingredients, avoiding dairy and oil, having interesting textures, and incorporating herbs and vegetables. It has been heavily influenced not only by the cuisines of neighbouring China, Cambodia, and Laos, but also by French cuisine, owing to French colonial rule over the region from 1887 to 1954. So if you are in the mood for something delicious but also healthy, Vietnamese food is a must-try in Sydney.

Must try Vietnamese Food: Pho, Bun cha, Xoi, Banh Mi, Goi Cuon, Cao Lau.

  1. Traditional Australian Cuisine

Although Australian cuisine is available everywhere, there’s nothing quite like experiencing Sydney cuisine in the city that gave it its start—or at the very least, contributed its own unique culinary touches.

Sydney’s cuisine is a fusion of traditional British and Australian dishes with lots of international influences, ranging from iconic dishes like Pavlova to classics like meat pies and grilled barramundi.

Therefore, Sydney’s creative gastronomic scene has something for everyone, whether you enjoy meat, seafood, or desserts.

Must try Australian Food: Barramundi, Avocado on Toast, Potato Cake, Sydney Rock Oysters, Meat Pies, Pavlova. 

  1. Greek Food

Another must-try food in Sydney is Greek cuisine, which is both healthy and delicious! It’s no surprise that Greek cuisine is gaining popularity, given that many of its dishes contain high levels of fibre and nutrients. With regional differences to consider, there is always something new to try in the world of Greek cuisine. 

It’s fresh, fun, and full of so many traditions that taking a bite will make you feel like you’re sitting back with a glass of wine and dipping your bread in olive oil!

Must try Greek Food: Souvlaki, Moussaka, Tzatziki, Ouzo, Taramasalata, Seafood. 

  1. American Diner Dishes

While American cuisine or diner dishes aren’t necessarily people’s first choices when it comes to trying new foods, they are certainly popular and comforting. Growing up, we’ve probably seen diner scenes in a Hollywood film or series where characters go to a diner and eat pancakes, coffee, eggs, burgers, and other foods. So it’s worth taking the time to try these amazing dishes in real life. So make sure to visit an American diner in Sydney and try these reel-life dishes in real life. 

Must try Amercian Food: Pancakes, Breakfast Dishes, Biscuits and Gracy, Hamburgers, Meatloaf. 


So there you have it folks, our top picks for some of the must-try dishes in Sydney that are sure to take you on a culinary journey across the world. As a melting pot of cuisines from all over the world that hosts some of the most brilliant chefs and restaurants in Sydney, the city is sure to offer something for everyone. 

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