7 Popular React Development Tools You Must Use in 2021

ReactJS is a JavaScript library broadly used for front-end development projects. It comprises a vast collection of comprehensive tools and libraries that help your workflow be stable and enhance your productivity. The React development tools offer various options to choose the best one suitable for your project. As there are multiple resolutions of such an issue in React development, knowing about the most effective React development tools is a brilliant idea. You can hire top ReactJS Developers to get the right professional assistance while executing the development.

React Development Tools in 2021

Following are the best React development tools to help you build an efficient React app with ease.

React Cosmos

This React development tool offers an entire solution to create reusable components. React Cosmos is dedicated to improving all the big and small components in React development. You can use it to scan the components.

It enables you to render the components with a defined state, props, and context. Also, it allows you to see the real-time evolution of apps while connecting with running instances. With surface dependencies, React Cosmos enhances the component design.

Significant features of React Cosmos: Laser Focus, Component Library, and Long-term design.


Being the first-ever React IDE for web app development, Reactide ensures simplicity, like opening a single React JSX file that renders the React project in the browser within an instance. This cross-platform desktop app includes an integrated Node Server and a customer browser simulator that removes your dependency on build-in server configuration and development tools.

Reactide helps you by ensuring visual editing support. It becomes relatively easier to get feedback from the browser simulation, thanks to its various GUI controls.

Prominent Feature of Reactide: Hot module reloading, Compatible terminal for commands and workflows, Component visualization, and streamlined configuration.

React Sight

React Sight is one of the most significant among the top React development tools. It offers a flow chart structure to your React app. It allows you to visualize your applications by using a live component hierarchy tree architecture.

React Sight is an unconstructive and lightweight platform. This comprehensive tool works well with almost every popular library, including React-router, Redux, and React Fiber. While you move over the nodes, you get links to components, which directly take you to the tree.

Significant Features of React Sight:  Improves speed, Built-in filters that prevent deviations, No Setup requirements, and an Open-source platform.


CodeSandbox is an excellent online code editor. It automates transpiring and dependency management, bundling and allowing you to build a fresh project in a single tap. It enables you to present your projects with others by simply sharing its URL. Its live preview feature helps you by showing the results of your code while typing simultaneously. It is compatible with various types of NPM dependency you want to utilize.

With CodeSandbox, you can learn the functions of a library and share them as well. This tool works well with almost every JavaScript project, but it comprises various specific features of React development.

Significant Features of CodeSandbox: NPM Compatibility, Embedding, Static File Hosting, Live Collaboration, and Search and Discovery.

React Developers Tools

Being one of the most familiar tools in the list of excellent tools for React development, this tool ranks at the top as the most prominent tool for React developers for debugging. React Developer Tools is an efficient, open-source React JS library that allows you to check a React tree, component hierarchy, props, state, etc. You can also observe how these components influence each other.

This comprehensive React tool is available in Chrome and Firefox. This browser extension allows you to debug the components of your development project. This tool offers full support for Reacting hooks. So, you can hire ReactJS developers to utilize React features without building a class. The filter mechanisms of this tool make it quite simple to navigate thoroughly into nested hierarchies.

Major Features of React Developers Tools: Debug performance with the profiler, Themeable, Options to interact in the console, Interaction tracking, and Allows viewing source code like a pro.


Modular Software is always better Software. It is quick to build, simpler to maintain, easier to test, and fun for collaboration. This is what you get with Bit. 

The Bit is a comprehensive React tool that turns modularity into support dependency management, a real-time commodity, and component source code.

A venture-backed team has built and maintained this open-source project. It helps teams by supporting them to share as well as manage code components across several projects.

Because of code reuse and code sharing, your development team can enjoy faster development and more straightforward maintenance cycles. This React tool enables you to reuse solitary components of your projects with the help of npm and yarn through its component hub.

Significant Features of Bit: East integration and extension, Make your components accessible, Language agnostic, intuitive, and pick components.


Besides making a rigid configuration, Evergreen, the comprehensive JavaScript framework, promotes building systems that anticipate the latest and changing design requirements. The Segment has built this framework and maintains it. It functions out-of-the-box with its clean React components while offering absolute control when needed. 

It is still a concrete choice for applications that must look nice. The members of Evergreen React are developed on top of a React UI Primitive for composability without limitations. Moreover, it provides you with a UI design technology for web apps.

Significant Features of Evergreen: Great Documentation, Easy implementation, Composable & flexible, and Best in Aesthetics.

Wrapping Up

We hope this list of popular React Development tools will help you enhance the quality of your app development project. Being knowledgeable of all the available options always helps you in achieving the desired goals with ease.

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