7 Romantic Food Items to Add a Passionate Twist to Your Diet

We know that what we eat has a direct impact on all the parts of our body, but can we also see its effects on our sexual organs and sensuality?

There are many different fruits that are reported to add an extra spice to get you hot in your bed and arouse your body and mind to the sensual pleasure of love.

If you want to make your anniversary dinner extra special or want to take your relationship to the next level on an upcoming date, try adding these food items to your recipes or choose a menu that includes these items.

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7 Aphrodisiac Food Items to Add Sensual Delights to Your Nourishing Meals:

1 Asparagus:

This slightly phallic-shaped vegetable is claimed to be an aphrodisiac and French people usually like to include asparagus in almost all their meals so that they can make love passionately at the drop of a hat.

Asparagus has a variety of benefits and various parts of this vegetable can be used in different dishes. You get trace nutrients such as Vitamin A and Vitamin C, along with Calcium. This vegetable has a high amount of Potassium which is linked with the healthy production of sex hormones and the presence of Vitamin E promotes blood circulation.

When there is a healthy production of sex hormones, especially testosterone, then there is an increase in the sexual drive of both men and women.

Good blood circulation also has benefits for both men and women, though we usually associate blood circulation with men’s erections and the effect of medications such as Sildamax 100 for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men.

Good blood circulation offers oxygen to all parts of our body in adequate amounts which improve the quality of the nerve signals that our body gives upon being touched which can increase the sexual pressure for many people.

2 Oysters:

If you are a fan of seafood, then you must have had a taste of oysters, and they are often cited as an aphrodisiac. Some people also relate the shape of the oysters inside to that of a specific female organ which adds to the erotic appeal of the oysters.

Oysters are rich in amino acids and zinc, both of which are vital for a healthy production of testosterone which improves the libido of both men and women. A healthy amount of testosterone will also give men harder and stronger erections and they will even improve the symptoms of sexual dysfunctions such as erectile dysfunction.

Oysters are also claimed to promote the release of dopamine in your body which boosts your desire to achieve your goals, which can be making love to your partner on a date night.

3 Pomegranates:

If you are not a fan of vegetables or seafood, you can try this super fruit to jazz up your mood on a date. You can eat pomegranates but taking each seed out can be a little tiresome but you can make an activity out of it if your partner is willing. You will also find pomegranate juice in the market and you can even order it along with your meals in most places.

This lavish fruit is rich in testosterone so it will certainly rev up your sexual drive and if you are a man having trouble having erections, you can even drink a glass of pomegranate juice if medication such as Tadalista isn’t handy as it promotes blood circulation.

4 Strawberries:

It is quite easy to associate strawberries with love, which is why it is considered to be a romantic food item. In fact, some people feel that strawberries are just as romantic as flowers and chocolates.

Women love strawberries and that could be because it boosts the production of estrogen, which makes them feel more feminine as it is a female sex hormone.

But even men benefit from eating strawberries as it promotes blood flow just like medications such as Super P Force and strawberries contain magnesium, potassium, and zinc are testosterone boosters that spell better sexual drive.

5 Honey:

Honey is considered to be a superfood and can replace sugar in your smoothies as well as juices. Honey has been considered to be a sexual stimulant since ancient times in most parts of the world. Hippocrates prescribed eating honey in Greece for improving sexual desire while it is also mentioned in the famous Indian book called Kamasutra which gives quite detailed information about all things love and lovemaking.

Honey is rich in baron which helps in regulating the hormone levels for both men and women, and the nitric oxide present is claimed to assist erections as well as help in the engorgement of clit which offers pleasure to women.

6 Chilies:

Chilies are spicy and hot, just like how passionate lovemaking should be, and eating them can surely make you hot in the right parts of your body.

When you eat spicy chilies, your body releases adrenaline, which accelerates your heartbeat, and even boosts the production of endorphins in the body which gives you the energy to last longer in bed. Chilies have also been linked with an increase in the production of testosterone which is further associated with higher sexual drive.

7 Coffee:

You might be already starting your day with some coffee, but you can also add this beverage to your dates as they are major mood boosters for both men and women. Caffeine has also been reported to have a positive impact on women’s sexual libido, you might want to drink a cup for heating things up a bit. Don’t go overboard though, too much coffee isn’t good for your health in any case.

These food items are sure to help you have a more satisfying love-making session with your partner and you can even add them to your daily diet for healthy sexual functioning of your body. Just try experimenting with various recipes and only eat them if your body reacts well to it. Lovemaking is important, but your health takes precedence over it any day.

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