7 Things to Know Before Installing Luxury Vinyl Tile

Luxury Vinyl Tile

Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) is an excellent option for those who want to update their home without the expense of hardwood or other flooring options. It’s also an affordable way to get new flooring, especially if you have a tight budget. But before you install LVT, there are several things that you should know and consider first. This blog post will share seven things you should know before installing luxury vinyl tile in your home.

Let’s take a look at these eight things.

  • Ease Of Installation

One of the most significant benefits of installing luxury vinyl tile is its simplicity and ease. With minimal prep work, this flooring option could easily be installed in just one day. In addition, installation won’t damage any underlying surfaces. The essential tools needed in establishing the LVT flooring are the glue spreader, putty knife or trowel, and rubber mallet. You’ll also want various abrasive pads for removing excess glue from the underlayment once your tiles are installed. 

  • Look Upon Its Durability

Luxury vinyl tile is one of the most durable flooring materials on the market. It’s also a good option for households with pets and children because it can stand up to everyday wear and tear as well as spills, scratches, and stains.

  • Surface Protection Is Vital

Protect the surface of your floor with a layer of polyethylene, usually 60-mil thickness. This will protect the surface from scuffs and scratches during installation. It’s not uncommon for damage to occur that can be easily avoided by protecting it before putting down vinyl tiles.

  • Cost Of LVT Floors

There are many different types of LVT flooring. This means that there is an extensive range in the cost and quality of these floors as well. A typical price for a high-end quality LVT flooring is $11.50 per square foot; this can range up to $16.00 or higher, depending on what you want in your flooring and where you decide to purchase it from.

  • Consider your heavy-use areas

If you have a high-traffic area in your home, it may not be the best place to use luxury vinyl tile. Luxury vinyl tiles are designed with low pile heights for easy maintenance, and they will become more challenging to clean if there is too much foot traffic over them.

  • Miantainenance Of LVT

Maintaining LVT is very easy. It doesn’t require any special care and can be cleaned with soap, water, and cold to hot water without damaging the flooring. The only caution you should take when cleaning it is not using abrasive cleaners or removing a sealant because that could cause damage as well.

  • Over time, luxury vinyl tile can become sun-damaged

The sun is the number-one enemy of LVP tiles. The UV rays it produces can bleach and discolor your flooring over time, so make sure you protect it by limiting its exposure to direct sunlight as much as possible.

  • The Bottom Line

Luxury vinyl tiles have become a popular choice for homeowners and designers alike. The benefits are undeniable, with the most important being durability. However, before you decide which flooring to install in your home or business, there are some things that you should know about these products first.

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