7 Tips for When your Outdoor Drain Is Clogged – 2021 Guide

Outdoor drains are prone to get problems frequently as they are positioned outside your house or office. This is the reason any kind of trash or waste can easily get into it. Plastic bags, leaves, mud, dirt, and garbage are some of the things that could clog your outside drain. If you are cleaning your outside drain regularly you can easily avoid this situation. Dealing with a clogged drain is not that difficult, you can resolve this problem by yourself but yes, if the blockage is very severe you must have to consult with someone professional for drain cleaning. It happens sometimes when the debris can enter extremely deep, making it too complex or dense for an individual to unclog. Here you will surely need professional help.

Moreover, this article is going to be very useful and beneficial for you. In this blog, I am going to cover everything that will help you deal with this kind of difficult situation. Check out our tips at the end decision is yours whether you should do it yourself or you need a professional to resolve this problem.

     1. Get your Hands on the Right Tools

Tools are the most important thing whenever or wherever you are going to resolve this kind of problem. First of all, check if you have the right tools already available at your place, if not, then you have to buy them. Most of the time, we all have very basic tools at home. So, make sure you collect them and now move towards the next step.

Thick Rubber Gloves are Required

Tools are ready? Now it’s time to get a pair of thick rubber gloves because outdoor drains can be filled with dirt and different kinds of bacteria, so you have to get your safety gloves ready before getting your tools or hands into the drain. Maybe you have thick gloves kept in your garage or workshop so you can use them. If there is no pair in your collection you have to go to the hardware store to purchase. Prefer to buy think rubber gloves for the best protection of your hands. They will also keep your hands safe from any cuts or wounds that could be dangerous.

Now Wear a Mask

The outside Drain smell is for sure not the pleasant one. Before getting your hands in drain cleaning it is important to wear a mask. These days, every house has masks because COVID has made it compulsory to keep a box of masks at home. It is always good to wear a mask to keep yourself protected from bad smells and dangerous gasses.

Collect Trash Bags

After collecting the drain debris there will be a need for a trash bag to accumulate all sort of blockage material in the trash bag. As it is already said that outside drains get a lot of debris as they are outside so you have to clean it entirely. One trash bag will enough, now add trash in the bag and place it from where the community cleaning trucks can easily pick it.

Pick a Pipe and Bleach

Once the debris is collected, now there will be a need for a water pipe to pressure your drain with water. Bleach and water will help to clean the debris from the deep drain and it will clean the entire residual which is left in your drainage system. Many people think it’s a difficult procedure or maybe they don’t have the right tools so they can consider other best options to get their drain cleaned properly.

     2. Call an expert

Chances are there you might don’t have the tools that are mentioned above, if this is the case then the best option is to call an expert to clean your blocked drainage system. Experts do have all the required tools and equipment. Most importantly, they have the expertise to clean the most difficult drains without any problem. No matter you have a blocked drain Sussex, London, Surrey, Crawley, or elsewhere, professional drain cleaning experts are available almost in every city. Obviously, they will come at a price but their rates are actually affordable and suit best to your wallet. They can clean your drains properly and professionally so you will not face this problem again and again.

But if you are influenced to do everything by yourself, you can keep applying the techniques mentioned below:

     3. Remove the Drain Cover

Outside drains do have a very bulky meta cover on them to avoid the smell and to reduce the number of debris to enter them. Once you have gathered all your tools and safety equipment now it’s time to remove the drain cover carefully. Try to pull it upwards and keep your fingers safe from any sort of damage. You can use a metal rod to pull the cover if you can’t move it with your fingers.

     4. See the Situation

As you have removed the drain cover now it is very important to see the situation of your drain. If there is a blockage then it is sure that foul smell and drain overflow cause is identified. But if the drain is filled with water it may be difficult for you to see the situation in your drain system.

     5. Push around with the Metal Rod

A metal rod is a perfect tool to open the cover of the drain and you can use it to push around inside the drain system of your home or office. It is sure that there is nothing expensive or fragile in your drain so there is no chance of break or damage inside.

     6. Use your Hands to Remove Blockage

As you already have thick rubber gloves, wear them and start removing blockage with your hands which is inside the drain. You can use a trash bag to put all the blockage material into it. Once this process is completed, now it is a must to pour some water inside the drain to make it work properly.

     7. Use Bleach

Once all the step-by-step procedures are completed, it is recommended to use bleach. Just pour it into the drain as it will make sure that your drain is entirely clear from any sort of blockages. The bleach will remove anything that is stuck inside.

If you follow these 7 steps guides, your drain will surely unblock and now you can cover it and back to your work!

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