7 Tips to Help you Attract Girls

7 Tips to Help you Attract Girls

If finding the perfect opening line to girls often stresses you, worry no more as this article is here to help you out. This article will help you know how to attract women without talking. This will make it easier for you to be relaxed when you start a conversation with a girl as it will help you know whether the woman is interested. Being attractive to women is very easy as you will see in this article. So, without further ado, here are attraction tips to help you attract women without talking:

1.Use Strong, Friendly, Warm Eye Contact to Attract Women

Making strong eye contact with a woman is one of the top tips for attracting women without talking. When your eyes meet those of a woman, hold her gaze and smile. Making strong eye contact will show a woman that you are confident. A smile will show her that you are a friendly person.

When you are nervous, it can be difficult to maintain warm, confident eye contact with a woman. If you find yourself in such a situation, breathe deeply into your belly to relax and make eye contact with a woman while smiling with your eyes. To smile with your eyes, think of how your eyes feel after laughing really hard. Your gaze should be open, warm, and relaxed. Such a feeling will help you attract women with eye contact.

2.Use Social Proof to Attract Women

Using social proof is very important when it comes to attracting girls as it will make you stand out and make women notice you. When you surround yourself with women (especially attractive ones) you will look like a man whose company women enjoy. This will make other women in the venue wonder why women want to be around you and this will make the women curious about you and interested in you.

It can even make them jealous because they are not among those women around you. Social proof works and is something you should try if you want to attract women. Keep in mind that a man gets an attractiveness boost when other women fancy them as other women use the ratings of other women to determine the attractiveness of a man. A woman is likely to find a man who is rated highly by other women attractive.

3.Attract Women Using Non-verbal Banter

Banter is a good way to start a conversation with a woman according to Escorts2. However, banter is not only about banter lines. You can attract women using non-verbal banter. For instance, if you have made warm, friendly eye contact with a woman and want to use banter to get things rolling, make funny faces at her. Make a funny face by sticking your tongue out, crossing your eyes, and so on. Doing this will make a girl smile hence making it easy for you to start a conversation with her.

4.Dress to Impress Girls

If you dress well, women will notice you. As the Art of Charm podcast with relationship expert Kimberly Seltzer says women usually notice what a man wears and the clothes a man wears, therefore, have a huge impact.

The good thing is that you do not have to wear expensive clothes to attract women. All you need to do is to show women you are in control of your life. Wear clean, wrinkle-free clothes that fit well to attract women. And to make women notice you positively, wear a pair of nice shoes, trim your fingernails and ensure that your hair looks good.

5.Use Attractive Body Language to Attract Girls

Your body language can tell women a lot about you. If you want women to see you as a confident man (women are attracted to confident men), have attractive body language. Stand tall as if there is a string on the base of your spine is pulling you up through the crown of your head, relax your shoulders and pull them back and keep your head up to look confident. And don’t forget to smile.

Avoid excess movements and fidgeting to look confident. Walk with purpose and direction. Controlling your body language enables you to look powerful and confident. This is important when it comes to attracting girls as women are attracted to powerful and confident men.

6.Make Yourself Noticeable to Women by Making Friends

Thus far, this article has been talking about how to attract women without telling them anything. However, as Johnny mentioned in the mailbag episode, at times being noticeable to women requires a bit of effort. Getting up and making yourself noticeable to women is more effective than sitting around and waiting for women to notice you.

You can make yourself more noticeable to women by making yourself look social and friendly. Women need to see you as a person who gets along with everyone. Whenever you go out, ensure that you talk to anyone around you. Talk to girls, guys, staff members, and so on.

When women notice that a guy is getting along with everyone, they become interested in meeting that guy. Besides, doing this shows women that you are a confident, friendly man and that you can handle yourself in social situations which are some of the traits that are attractive to women.

7.Make Women Chase You

Making women chase you is not hard. All you have to do is to go out and regardless of who you are with or what you are doing focus on having a good time. Always smile, have fun and enjoy yourself to the fullest. Doing so will make you noticeable to women and they will be excited to join in on the fun.

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