Being a good resume writer is the next casual state now At present, the sphere of resume writing complies with excellence. But, the silliest thing that you can ever do is overwriting your resume. Do not get confused, we are not doubting your resume creation capability. Instead, we are all set to share the top 7 phrases that you should never include in your resume. So, be ready to execute a set of fresh edits on your resume-

1. DID

We know that did is an extremely common yet important verb. Still, wait a while if you are proceeding to put it in your resume copy. In the place of writing, we would suggest you learn the lesson of power verbs. Try to use implemented where you have written. It will sound by far more professional.


No one can predict life, it’s okay if you turn jobless but highlighting it as the reason is not at all productive idea folks. The dates on your resume tell a lot about you. More than that, the recruiters will acquire a quick record of your professional journey only through your resume. So, you better not label yourself unemployed in front of the selectors on the loop.


You see, no recruiter would like to recruit a candidate who does not work hard. In case, you have mentioned this word then simply cut it down right away. Because working hard is a generalised proportion. You will never leave a favourable impression with hard worker words on your resume.


Moving ahead, you should understand that responsible for is not a sensible word to give a place in your resume. Responsibility could never be your quality else it happens to you. Replace responsible for with executed or organised. In this manner, you can gain the required attention from the side of recruiters.


Have you ever peep into a resume copy that is written by a professional resume writer? Be it an executive resume writing service or the team of resume writer they never give any space to these words like salary negotiable as it is an obvious aspect. Thus, do not kill the professional vibe of your resume by adding these kinds of words.


Tell us honestly, in how many resumes you have seen this word creative? Let us throw a guess your answer must be almost on every second resume. Hence, you should realise that following the same trend never allows you to stand how. Therefore, avoid to repeat creative in your copy of resume. If you have already done it then edit it at the moment in order of writing a remarkable executive resume.


Hang on! Are you about to set the objective column in your resume? We request you not to make it happen at any cost. As the section of objective will just cover extra space. In fact, objectives are the wrong word technically. Prefer to change it with a career summary. More than that, if you are attaching a cover letter along with your resume then the objective head will be the dead portion for the recruiting manager.


Lastly, it is smarter to move forward with a bit of research whenever you sit up to form your resume. No matter what, you can sort it out completely by hiring an efficiency resume writing service India for the sake of creating an unbeatable resume for you. However, frame the outline from this article and never use the above mentioned words in your resume.

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