8 Office Rules You Should Set to Help Maintain a Sanitary Workplace

Keeping your workplace clean is essential, particularly if you want to maintain a healthy working environment to keep your employees safe. Excellent hygiene in the workplace also has many additional benefits, including boosting staff morale, presenting a good impression to visitors and reducing the risk of hazards. To make your workplace COVID-secure and maintain good sanitary conditions, consider hiring the services of Plus, we’re sharing 8 office rules that you can easily implement into your organisation.

How To Maintain Hygiene in The Workplace

Maintaining an optimal level of cleanliness in your business is straightforward if you set some rules that all staff can follow. This ensures your employees understand that good hygiene practices are essential in keeping them safe and ensuring the workplace runs smoothly. Consider the following when setting your office rules. These rules should be followed in addition to a regular thorough commercial cleaning routine.

1. Use hand sanitiser regularly

Regular use of hand sanitiser helps to reduce bacteria on both hands and surfaces. You should ensure there are hand sanitisers dotted around your workplace for your staff to use. If possible, using automatic dispensers is advised as this reduces the need to touch another surface. You can even give your employees their own hand sanitisers to keep at their desks.

2. Clean shared areas after using them

Shared areas, such as kitchen facilities and dining areas should be cleaned once they have been used. Kettles, toasters, microwaves, fridge handles and coffee makers can be wiped down with sanitiser or anti-bacterial cleaner/wipes. This helps to stop germs from spreading. You should also limit the number of people using these areas at one time. An effective way to do this is to stagger break times.

3. Wash hands at regular intervals

In addition to using hand sanitiser, it’s also a good idea for your staff to get into the habit of regular hand washing, especially after using toilet facilities. This reduces the number

of germs within your office. You can put up posters in high traffic areas to remind people to do this often.

4. Keep workstations free from clutter

Clutter is not only a hotspot for dirt, bacteria and germs, but it can also significantly affect the smooth running of your workplace. Allow staff five minutes at the end of every day to clean their desks. Keep rubbish bins in easy to find places or ensure each employee has their own small bin under their desks. This makes it easier for them to keep their workstations clean and tidy.

5. Empty bins regularly

If emptying bins isn’t part of your cleaners duties, you may wish to nominate a member of staff to empty them regularly. Alternatively, if each employee has a rubbish bin at

their workstation, you may want to ask them to empty them at the end of each day to prevent overflowing waste.

6. Sanitise keyboards and stationery items

Keyboards can harbour many germs so it’s essential to sanitise them regularly. Ask employees to sanitise them at least twice a day, as well as ensuring any crumbs and dirt are removed at the end of every working day. If stationery items are being shared, ensure these are also sanitised before being put back in their regular place.

7. Set guidelines for the use of toilets

Toilets tend to be small spaces so setting guidelines for the use of these ensures they are not overcrowded areas. Limit use to a specific number of people at a time to reflect social distancing. Additionally, decide if you need to designate a person to replace soap and paper towels frequently.

8. Reduce the need for people to touch things

The fewer people touch surfaces, the less likely germs are going to spread. Keep doors open for extra ventilation and maintain cleanliness by sanitising handrails, light switches, and other frequently touched surfaces. Posting signs in these areas allows your employees to understand the guidelines.

Use these tips to make your workplace COVID-secure

Keeping your workplace clean, especially in the era of COVID is imperative. By following these top tips, you can easily implement a set of office rules for your employees to

stick by. Not only will this ensure you maintain hygiene in the workplace, but it will also keep your staff as safe as possible and ensure they feel comfortable returning to the workplace post-pandemic.

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