9 Targeting Hacks to Make Sure Your Ad Reaches the Buyer

Today, internet marketing includes many effective tools, and targeted ads are definitely one of them. It has a number of advantages that allow you to attract the customer in the nick of time.

Large reach, retargeting and powerful analytics create super cool ads. But in order not to waste your budget and receive conversions, you should hold your hand on the pulse and remember plenty of things. How to do it? In this guide, we have collected all the necessary tips so that you will get the most brilliant result!

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Conduct Primary Analysis

Let’s start with the basics, which is to find out if consumers are looking for a particular product or service on the internet. As a rule, the ads will be effective if the number of relevant requests per month is about a thousand. Also, consider how many new clients you need each month.

For example, a manufacturer who makes countertops, fireplaces, or window sills from natural stone doesn’t need a large number of orders. 5-10 clients a month will be enough as they won’t physically have time to finish more orders.

Define A Clear Goal

Targeted advertising is used to carry out various tasks:

  • To sell. This one highlights the advantages of the product and motivates the visitor to buy it;
  • To create an image. This builds a positive reputation that attracts clients;
  • To increase reach. It works on a subconscious level, making people build associations with the advertised brand.

Decide on which one suits you more before you start a campaign.

Collect The Semantics

When compiling a list of keywords, you can use platforms such as SemRush and the Keyword Tool. However, services can do half of the job, so the specialist on targeted ads still has to complete this list manually. Why?

Visitors can use a variety of phrases when searching for a specific product. For instance, women’s embroidered shirts and boho-style clothes have a lot in common, but automatic services can’t pick up such key phrases.

Therefore, it’s wiser to look for accurate mid-frequency or low-frequency keywords. The fewer competitors use a particular query, the lower the cost per click will be.

Ensure Everything Is Perfect

Your targeted ads can be excellent. However, it won’t be enough if your site doesn’t bring a lead to a purchase. The same goes for incompetent managers who can’t lead a client to a deal or will ruin even the most outstanding advertising campaign. Interested visitors will click on the ad and move on if the page isn’t engaging. So, make sure further steps of the user journey are easy to follow for every customer.

Get Your Landing Page in Order

In this point, we’d like to emphasize which key points must be present on your landing page. Without them, your targeted ads will lead nowhere.

  • The main screen should contain information about your brand. Let the text be readable and not too long. Don’t forget about the unique selling proposition;
  • Promotions and discounts also need to be added. Indicate the prices, customer reviews, and storytelling about the company. You should also remember call-to-action buttons such as Order, Book, Make An Appointment, etc.

Also, when the client clicks on the ads, they must be redirected to the page with the products that were discussed in the ad. For instance, if the ad text was about winter boots, and the client landed on a page with jackets, most likely, they will close the site and won’t look for those boots at the site.

Run A Test Ad Campaign

Some experts promise businesses good results from the very beginning of the campaign. And this is a mistake. Yet, there is a way to figure out what will happen next. And this is a test ad launch.

In 2-3 weeks, you will have accurate forecasts. The ideal advertising budget will become known after the first conversions go through.

Concentrate On Social Media

If the target audience is chosen correctly, then ads on social media can bring good results, providing a high percentage of conversion. The ads can be customized for a specific group of people. Plus, the mechanism runs very fast.

You can promote both a regular post and create a product carousel. It’s super suitable if you are focusing on variety and aesthetics.

When choosing a targeting strategy, start from the initial goals. If it is brand awareness, go for demographic indicators. And if the primary task is to attract customers to increase orders and purchases, then use targeting by interests.

Take Advantage Of Retargeting

This method involves ads for those users who have already visited the site but didn’t reach the checkout for some reason. In this case, you can push them to make a decision and promise some kind of bonus. It can be a discount, free shipping, a gift, etc.

For retargeting to be effective, it is recommended to create a separate landing page. There, the audience will find a bonus offer.

Don’t Forget About The Holidays

Whether it’s New Year or Valentine’s Day, people are looking for gifts, waiting for discounts, and spending money more easily.

You can run warm-up advertising campaigns a few days before the holidays. Advertising headlines should be attractive and unconventional. Keep in mind that ads become more expensive during the holidays. So avoid organizing test campaigns during this period.

To Wrap It Up

As you can see, targeted advertising can become a powerful tool in the hands of a professional and provide a business with a stable income. Use the tips in this guide to get the most out of your online promotion. Good luck!

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