A Guide to a Family Holiday in the UK

A family holiday in the UK is the most likely option for most of us this year. Here’s how to make the most of it

1. Swap Locations

Many tourists visit popular destinations due to so many reasons. Do you want to keep your trip cheap? If so, do not visit the most expensive popular vacation destinations. Instead, do proper research on alternative cheap options.

Choose ‘off the beaten track’ vacation destinations to potentially save more money. You can even guarantee a nice break without traveling a great distance. Do not rush to look far from your home. For starters, you can check for the best places close to your home.

2. Save On Fuel

Do you want to go on a road trip? Use websites, such as and, to compare the prices of different petrol stations. You can also use loyalty schemes, including Nectar and Tesco Clubcard.

Want to save on train journeys? Use websites, such as Split My Fare (, to save money on tickets.

3. Avoid the Usual Accommodation Box

It is easy to book self-catering holiday caravans and rentals. However, you can rent a beach hut, especially when the Government eases restrictions. There are plenty of places to find last minute hotel deals.

You can stay overnight in beach huts since they are kitted out. Do you want to save even more money? You can camp in a farmer’s field. It is very cheap to camp in one of these fields.

4. Holiday Insurance

Do you want to stay on United Kingdom soil? You may be forced to cancel your plans or something can affect your plans because of so much uncertainty in the country. So, it is important to check the different holiday insurance options. Check what each holiday insurance policy covers and not covers. You also need to check the small print of the cancellation policies of the provider.

There are coronavirus exclusions in most policies. Also, check if the holiday provider allows their customers to re-book for free, offers full cash refunds, and has a flexible policy.

5. Plan Activities Early

Planning what you will do early will help you save even more money. It is even much better to calculate the cost per activity, per person. For instance, if you want to take one or more UK breaks during the year, you can use organizations, like National Trust, to buy an annual membership or pass.

6. Check for Scams

Action Fraud not only provides helpful tips for people, who want to book a holiday this year. It also warns these people to watch out for scams. The Travel Association, Abta, and the reporting center for fraud and cybercrime in the UK remind people to think before they hand over their personal information and money.

There are different types of holiday frauds, including self-catering properties that do not exist and fake accommodation listings that advertise hotels. Holiday frauds are offers that are too good to be true.

Criminals can either use social media, email, text, or the phone to approach their victims. They offer cheap deals to tempt people to book a holiday package with them, so the people may end up booking a holiday package that does not exist.

Action recommends you do proper research on the internet to stay safe. It recommends checking out the reputation of the holiday company. You need to check if the company is a member of Abta. However, you need to be cautious of any company that will not provide paperwork.

Use your credit card to pay. Why? In case something goes wrong, it gives you added protection. Action Fraud says you need to be careful if someone asks you to pay money directly into their bank account.

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