A Guide to renew your British passport online from abroad

Renewing your British passport while living abroad is not a dream now. You can easily renew your British passport by online process.

in this guide, you can find how to renew your British passport and what you can do if you miss your passport

How to apply?

You can apply online for the renewal of your British passport from anywhere in the world. And if you want to renew British passport in USA. The online service is not costly and normally takes six weeks for the first passport and 3 weeks for the renewal process.

If you have an emergency,  apply for an emergency travel document to the British embassy.

3 Reasons for updating your British passport

  • Changing your name.
  • gender change
  • vary in appearance as you can not recognize it from your passport photo.

When don’t you need to update a passport?

  • Changing residency or contact number
  • Switching job
  • Change in marital status getting dual nationality.
  • Leaving the UK.


  • The photo should be coloured and measure 750×600. And size between 50KB and 10MB.
  • The photo should be of plain background without any shadow and object.
  • the image should not be older than a month
  • The face should be towards the camera. Look straight while taking pictures.
  • The mouth should be closed and doesn’t have any accessory on the head and face.
  • Eyes should be open head should not be covered other than religious or medical reasons.

Tips for applying online renewal form

  • While applying for the online form, check the condition and price in detail.
  • Fills all the information properly to avoid rejection of your application.
  • If your passport got stolen or missed, then report it immediately and apply for a new passport. Apply for the emergency travel document if you need it.

What is an emergency travel document, and who can apply for it?

Emergency travel documents allow you to travel between five countries. All the plans are written on paper, and if someone wants to change the plan, apply for the new one.

Who can ask?

  • British one
  • who are not in the UK
  • Whose passport lost, expired, damaged, or in process
  • A person needs help urgently.

Why Do You Need To Apply For Online British Form Renewal Through A Professional Website?

You can apply for a British passport renewal in the USA by using the government website. But I recommend you to apply by the professional assistant. It will keep you from any delay. And also guide you through the whole process. You do it without hesitation. Because they are masters in their work, know all ins and out of the process.


Applying for the renewal of a British passport is not too difficult, and the online process removes all the boundaries. Now you can apply for the renewal process with just one click. And the best part is now you have the guidance of a professional team that helps you get the new passport without any hassle and at an affordable price. What are you waiting for? Apply now!

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