A Sharp Look: The Different Types of Men’s Suit Styles

What’s your favorite style of suit? Maybe you don’t have one because you aren’t aware of all the different men’s suit styles available.

There’s a suit style for every man, as you’ll discover by reading the article below. Read on to find out more about the different suit styles on the market.

The Single-Breasted Suit

Most of the types of suits for men you see are single-breasted suits. “Single-breast” refers to the number of buttons on the suit. A single-breasted suit has one row of two or three buttons. This is a simple, modern style of suit that you can wear everywhere from the boardroom to the cocktail lounge.

The Double-Breasted Suit

You can identify a double-breasted suit just by looking at the front. A double-breasted suit has two rows of buttons, and one side of the suit wraps around the front of the stomach. Double-breasted suits were more common in years past but are still fashionable as a statement piece. You can click this link to find more products that match the double-breasted style.

The Slim Fit Suit

As men’s fashion has evolved, many men find that the slim-fit suit gives them a clean, modern look. The slim sit suit fits snug around the shoulders and waist and looks best when it’s expertly tailored.

The Classic Fit Suit

Men didn’t always wear slim-fitting clothing. If you look at the suits for men from the TV show Mad Men, you’ll see some examples of a classic fit suit. These suits are much looser, both near the torso and around the legs.

Wearing a classic fit suit is a great way to stand out in a crowd full of men wearing the more modern slim-sit suits.

The Modern Fit Suit

Are you having some trouble deciding between a slim-fit suit and a classic fit suit? You can find a happy medium with a modern fit suit.

The modern fit suit isn’t as tight as the slim fit suit, but it’s much more form-fitting than the classic fit suit. An excellent modern fit suit may not stand out in a crowd, but you’ll be very comfortable in it.

The No Vent Suit

Most suits have one or two vents in the back. These are gaps in the cloth that give the suit some flexibility. The vents allow for airflow, and they keep the suit from getting wrinkled when you take it off or set it down.

A no vent suit doesn’t have any vents, which means the suit fits much more snug around the waist. These suits are not as popular as vented suits, but they present an interesting option for men looking for suits that will stand out.

Analyzing the Different Types of Men’s Suit Styles

Men’s suit styles have evolved over the years, but the classics are still stylish. All that’s changed is that men now have more options than ever.

If you’re interested in learning more about men’s fashion, stay up to date with all the articles going live on this website.

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