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Whether you’d call yourself a shoe lover or not, you’ll probably agree that you have got many pairs of shoes in your closet. It’s inevitable that you need different footwear for every occasion and every season. You may have several pairs that you don’t wear anymore, but don’t want to say goodbye to just yet. You’ve also probably got a select few that you wear most of the time, which could include trusty old faithfuls or new trending footwear. Whatever kind of relationship you have with shoes, it’s clear that they are an essential part of any outfit, and picking the right pair for the occasion can be game-changing. In this article, we’re going to explore some of the trending shoes starting way back in 2010 all the way to the most popular trends right now. After reading, if you find that there’s a pair of trending ones that are missing from your wardrobe, using this Shein discount code can help you save money on your purchases.


Going back over 10 years, one of the most popular footwear trends in 2010 was basketball-style sneakers. Top brands, in particular, Nike with its Air Jordan and LeBron collections were hugely popular, especially for fans of these basketball legends. Unsurprisingly, recent versions of similar styles are still very popular today.


The following year saw the start of the wedge craze, particularly during the summer period. This trend was a huge hit for female footwear and the different types, styles, designs gave consumers a very wide choice. They were practical but pretty and many wedge shoes were designed for ultimate comfort and support, and easily capable of transforming any outfit.


The London Olympics back in 2012 had a significant impact on footwear for everyone. Literally, any kind of sporty shoe was trending, sneakers, running shoes, and trainers were all a big hit. There was also a basketball link here, with the release of the late Kobe Bryant range from Nike.


After the Olympic events, the sportive shoe trend continued well into the following year, but with an exciting evolution. More creative and diverse options became available, for both men and women, such as a massive range of vibrant sneakers and skater shoes.


In 2014 there was a great influx of hundreds of different footwear trends. To name a few, popular pairs included many different shades of nude heels, ankle, and knee-high boots to suit every taste. Last but not least, Italian Tod’s shoes were starting to become popular with celebrities, even though the company had already been around for 30 years!


Another huge year for sneakers, with Kanye West’s collaboration with Adidas being the most valuable shoe of the year. The incredible success of Kanye West’s career can be demonstrated by the popularity and value of these stylish sneakers.


Straight off the runway and into the world of footwear trends, 2016 saw several new footwear trends. From bright or neutral coloured flats and heels, chic brogue shoes originating from designer brand Givenchy and Chanel’s LED sandals.

2017 takes us back to the sneaker obsession. With huge competition between Nike and Adidas, there were many new releases including the Nike Air Jordan and Air Max collections and the N.E.R.D collaboration with Adidas.


This year saw some more crazy footwear trends, including the cult flame shoes, inspired by the original Prada version and also thigh-high boots of all kinds.


Popular footwear from 2019 involved anything animal print-related and endless collections of bold and vibrant materials for every type of shoe imaginable.


We can’t talk about shoe trends in 2020 without mentioning Nike again! The Nike Dunk model was named “shoe of the year” at the Footwear News Achievement Awards. Shoe lovers should check out the official rankings of the FN website.


2021 is not over just yet. We may have to wait until the end of the year to find out the most popular or best selling shoe. As you can see from the list above, some trends come and go but some are here to stay!

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