Absolute Office Cleaning You Should Know

If you are a professional, you would want a clean office to ensure hygiene and hence avoid sick leave. Cleaning a professional place like an office doesn’t come easy. There are plenty of hidden or precise things that one can easily overlook if not know the absolute office cleaning methods. While we all prefer to keep the aesthetics of the place highly charming it is equally important to highlight hygiene factors for a friendly environment altogether.

As a recommended way, make a list of “to be” cleaned areas and things prior to cleaning so that you do not forget anything behind. In this post we shall exclusively highlight the right cleaning methods that you must not forget to adopt.

3 Things For Maintaining Cleanliness

Keeps Things in Place

While cleaning is thought to be dealing with dust and junk, it is a lot more than that. It starts far behind. Papers, notes, files and documents are something you can easily spot in offices and working desks.  Make sure each paper is in the folder and the folder is in the cabinet. That way you can keep off missing out on a document as well.

Don’t Eat At Desk

Additionally, eating on the desk does promote stains and unlearned areas no matter if you eat ‘nicely’. Finish your lunch at the place where you are supposed to be at its cafeteria so that you can keep up with the refresh desk with no smell.

Spot the Tight Spots

Tight and narrow areas of the office let out the most junk you can ever imagine. With accumulated dirt, debris, and more is a major threat to proper cleaning. So, vacuum those areas and move furniture such as sofas, tables, chairs and more that are in demand. To be even more precise and professional you can also hire the professional Kontor rengøring service. Pay extra heed to those tiny areas as they come as the best place for germs to hide.

Cleaning of Showrooms involves

  • Vacuuming and washing of floors
  • Floor washing
  • Wiping workstations and horizontal surfaces.
  • Wiping of panels, frames and sockets.
  • Emptying / sorting trash and waste.
  • Removal of stained fingers.
  • Collection of cutlery and crockery.
  • Purchase and delivery of soap, paper, coffee and more.
  • Possibility of help with washing clothes, tea towels, linen etc.
  • Cleaning of Cafeteria/ Kantine highlights:
  • Vacuuming, washing and floors and moldings
  • Floor wiping
  • Cleaning of kitchen table and cupboard doors
  • Descaling and cleaning of amateur and washing
  • Mirrors and glass surfaces are polished
  • Sorting of waste
  • Emptying garbage bags

Cleaning of Toilets is all about hygiene that features on

  • Cleaning and descaling of toilet bowl
  • Descaling and cleaning of amateur and washing
  • Mirrors and glass surfaces are polished
  • Dusting of floors and moldings
  • Floor washing and wiping
  • Emptying garbage bags

In office cleaning, whatever you do you need to tackle every bit of the dust and pollutant and welcome the refreshing vibe overall. From proper ventilation to an airy environment everything contributes to cleanliness.


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