Advantages and Disadvantages of Adplexity Group Buy (GX)

Adplexity Group Buy (GX)

Adplexity Group Buys was born out of the need to answer a growing need that all Internet marketers face: How do we determine which adverts are working and which ones aren’t? In a nutshell, adverts with high click through rates, a high conversion rate and/or a high ROI (return on investment) are considered a good buy for an advertiser, whereas advertverts with low click through rates, low conversions and/or low ROI are considered bad buys. Now more than ever before, it is important to ensure that you purchase the right adverts. This Advanta Group Buys review will attempt to do just that!

What makes Adplexity Group Buys different from traditional ad agencies? 

The main difference is in the approach used by the ad agency, in terms of the ad spending and the resulting ROI. Native Adplexity Group Buy ad agency uses a sophisticated algorithm to determine the optimum keywords for each ad campaign. Ad agency then implements these key words into your ad to ensure that it targets your desired clientele.


Another major difference between this group buy and other ad agencies is the way that the adverts are displayed. Typically, a client will go onto one of the ad groups within the group buy and look at the adverts that they are interested in. The adverts will be shown to them, and then they can decide whether they want to buy that product or not. Advert text will appear on the landing page, but is not shown in the actual ad.

How much are they willing to spend on the campaign?

The ad agency then decides how much they are willing to spend on the campaign in order to get those results. They have the power to set a budget, and ad agencies must adhere to the ad spending limits laid down by them. This is where many ad agencies go wrong. They begin to spend too much money on adverts that they don’t generate enough sales for the company. If a company only sees a return on their ad campaigns that are high in price, then they will not be able to realise their full profit potential.

With an ad group buy, the ad agency simply selects the adverts to run in conjunction with each other. This means that there is no single ad campaign that is running alongside another. Each ad campaign can be run individually and there can be as many adverts as the company wants. In fact, the ad agency may run more adverts during any given day than they did during the whole holiday season last year. It also means that adverts are placed on websites that may not necessarily have a huge user base.


However, it also means that the ad agency must ensure that adverts are placed on sites where users will find them. Many companies’ users do not log into ad groups when they are searching for products or services on the Internet. So if an ad group buy seo campaign is placed on a website that doesn’t necessarily have a large audience, then there is less chance that the adverts will generate a large number of ad clicks. This is why most ad agencies will not opt for this type of ad campaign when they are running an advertising campaign.

Harder to Monitor

In addition to this, it has been noted by a number of ad agencies that ad groups are a lot harder to monitor than adverts. Most ad agencies will only place a few adverts on popular websites. These adverts are placed on websites which a company’s target customers may have visited already. So even if a company is putting together a fairly successful ad campaign using ad group buys, it may still end up with adverts being placed on websites visited by a completely different audience. To put it another way, the company may be paying out a lot of adverts on websites that are visited by people who do not represent their target audience.


Despite all of these disadvantages, there are still some advantages associated with ad group buys. For one thing, ad groups tend to be less expensive than traditional ad campaigns. This is because ad clicks are bid based and advertisers only pay when someone clicks on an ad. In contrast, when people perform search engine searches, the top adverts always appear at the top of the results, irrespective of whether people click on them or not.

This means that ad groups can be quite effective in driving a high level of ad clicks because people who are searching for particular products or services will more than likely be interested in seeing what is displayed on the right side of the adverts. This also ensures that adverts are placed on websites where a company’s target audience can be found, making the ad campaign more efficient and effective.

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