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When it comes to wigs, you can be sure that this accessory will change your look without much effort! It can upgrade your hairstyle for an event or just support your special mood with a new haircut or shade. This is the easiest way to experiment with the style. Also, you may need it if your hair is not thick enough or if there are any hair issues. Anyway, you have access to various types of wigs, and in this article, we are going to narrow down your choice and turn your attention to the V Part Wig. This is a solution that comes in various styles and looks very natural due to its particular structure. We tell you everything you need to know about V part wigs including the instruction details.

What is a V part wig?

As you know, an advanced quality wig has a base, or so-called cap, made of lace. The lace going over the entire scalp or its parts allows the thought that hair grows right from the hairline, though this is a part of a wig. The form of this lace can be different. If hair is sewn onto the lace with a V shape left out, this is a V Part Wig. This left out is made right on the forehead, and it can be filled in with natural hair in order to make the hairline look even more natural. 

It should be mentioned that this wig is maintained in a simple way. There is no need for special care. Just wash it with shampoo and cold running water to avoid high temperatures. 

You can wear a V part wig on a daily basis without any harm to your hair and scalp health. Moreover, it is able to make your natural hair grow better as far as it protects it from adverse environmental effects. Your own hair does not get too dry under the influence of hot temperatures and direct UV rays from the sun. The cosmetic products work better when sealed with a protective covering. Thus, restoration processes run better. Also, by wearing a wig, you can refuse the constant coloring and styling of your natural hair and save it from damage.

Why else do wearers prefer this very type human hair wig from Unice? Let’s reason the matter!

Advantage of V part wig

First of all, this wig is very convenient. You can easily put it on and off. It will not take you a lot of time to deal with it. So you can get fuller hair and hide the hair issues, transforming bald areas and thin hair into a good head of beautiful hair. Let’s look at the advantages of a V part wig in more depth! 


V part wigs cost much less compared with lace frontal wigs. The reason is manufacturing technology. The point is that it is not hand-made. It is mass-produced with special equipment, which is not too expensive. As a result, they get a quality wig at a low price. Add an easy installation that does not require the participation of a specialist, meaning that you will not have to visit a salon and pay a lot for the services. So, you will be able to save your pocket twice.

Easy to wear

As we have mentioned, this wig is extremely easy to install and you can do it several times a day without any effort. There is no need to cope with a wig cap and try to improve your hairline for a long time. The only thing you are expected to do is to separate your natural hair, put on a wig and fix it using particular clips. You will get a natural look on the first try! No skills are required! 

Even if you have never put on any wig, you will succeed with this one. And that inspires you to try new hairstyles every day even if you are pressed for time.

More natural-looking

As far as the V part wig does not have an entire lace, it looks natural. It can be worn with leave out or without strands left out. Choose as you like! You can change your parting without restrictions and the result will be the same – a very natural look. In order to diversify the variants, you can use such accessories as headbands or clips.

No glue to apply

Again a wig of this kind does not require any adhesive materials to be attached to a scalp. If you suffer from sensitive skin, choose this variant and forget about glue which may cause allergies. As far as a V part wig is made from natural human hair only, there is no synthetic that could irritate the skin.

Leave out or no leave out are available

The secret of wearing v part wigs with or without leave out is that a wig construction has a v-shaped opening at the top and it can be used to pull out some strands to support the idea of a natural look.

Just experiment with this wig, hiding all your natural hair or leave out some strands. Both methods of the appliance are available without any difficulties or the need for special instruments. In the middle of the wig construction, there is the lace fixed on the cap.

How to apply V part wig

As we have mentioned, this stunning option is a perfect solution for those who are allergic to glue. Also, it is recommended if you are very busy and have no time to cope with all those complicated mechanisms in order to put on a wig. At your own discretion, you may wear this wig with leave-out out your hair or without it. You are free to make your choice. In both cases, you will not run into difficulties. This wig is applied as easily as possible.

Now we are going to offer step-by-step instructions which will help you put this wig on if you want to leave your own hair: 

  1. You should prepare your hair by washing and drying it carefully. 
  2. Braid your clean, dry own hair, leaving a couple of strands, and fix it so that you have a flat head. The hair that is unbraided should be in the center of the frontal area of your head, right next to the v-shaped opening of the wig.
  3. Put a wig on, attach it to your head properly so that you feel comfortable, and fix its location using clips and straps, which usually come with a wig in a package.
  4. Now it’s time to pull the natural hair through a V opening and choose a part. It can be a middle or side one – just as you like. That’s it! You have a stunning natural look with a perfectly fitted wig that will not be detected even with the equipped eye.

You can wear V part wig without leaving out a couple of your own strands. Just braid your washed and dried hair and fix it around your head in the proper way, avoiding any bumps. The clips will help to provide a reliable fixation. Now you can put on a wig evenly and brush the wig to style it.

You may need a wig to hide your thin hair and feel more confident. Or it can be used just to try unlimited styles to improve or diversify your look. There are various purposes. If you are confused, you can reach out and seek professional assistance. We are glad to help you find the best wig that suits your peculiarities and lifestyle. Just contact us and find out what style compliments your natural beauty!

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