All You Need to Know About Resistant Gray Hair Color and How to Cover It

Resistant gray hair color is, as the name suggests, really difficult to cover. This is because it lacks pigment that could be changed in the coloring process, meaning that it absorbs dyes less effectively. But, with the right color, developer, and technique, you will manage to hide your stubborn grays from the world. Want to learn how to do it? Then keep reading!

The Truth About Resistant Gray Hair Color

Why is gray hair color so resistant to dyes? Here’s the answer.

Gray hair lacks the pigment found in younger hair, making it more resistant to color. This is caused by several factors, including texture, porosity, and the natural composition of gray hair. The cuticles of gray hair are usually tighter, which prevents color from penetrating easily.

What is more, it can become even more difficult to color if you use a lot of styling products. Why? Product buildup gathers in your hair and creates a barrier, one that hair dyes cannot penetrate.

How to Color Your Resistant Gray Hair?

So, how to deal with resistant gray hair color? Here’s our guide!

Preparing Your Hair

Before coloring, ensure your hair is clean and dry. Try using a clarifying shampoo – it can remove buildup and natural oils that might interfere with color absorption. This is crucial for opening up the hair cuticle and allowing the color to penetrate more effectively.

Choosing the Right Products

Opt for permanent hair color for the most lasting results, especially when covering gray hair. This will not only help you cover your hair effectively, but also reduce the need for regular touch ups. 

Here, it’s essential to select a developer with the appropriate volume; we recommend a 20-volume developer for resistant gray hair color, as it allows the color to penetrate without causing unnecessary damage.

Application Techniques

For even coverage, section your hair and apply color meticulously, ensuring every strand is fully saturated. Start with the most resistant areas, like the temples or crown, to give them the longest processing time. Using plenty of color and ensuring the hair is fully coated is necessary if you want to fully cover your stubborn grays.

Troubleshooting Tips

If your hair remains resistant, pre-softening might be necessary. This technique involves applying a low-volume peroxide developer to open the cuticle layer before coloring. You can also look for products specifically designed to aid in coloring resistant gray hair. These might include both hair dyes and hair care products.


Maintaining your color is just as important as the application process. Use color-safe, sulfate-free shampoos to extend the life of your color, and consider touch-ups every 4-6 weeks for permanent dye, depending on your hair growth and color fading. Don’t be afraid to experiment with root touch-up kits or more complex coloring techniques – they might be great at covering regrowths, increasing the time periods between every touch-up.

The Takeaway

Resistant gray hair color might be difficult to cover, but it’s not mission impossible. Follow our tips, and you’ll soon forget about your stubborn grays completely, enjoying a youthful, confident new hair color!

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