Amenorrhea- The Absence Of Menstrual Period

Women have a distinctive reproductive process and feature, thus there a conditions and diseases which are limited to them alone. When a woman is of reproductive age, she ought to be mindful of living a healthy lifestyle. This is a crucial means for her to enjoy well-being and good health. It is then that health and pregnancy problems would be prevented later on when she wants to conceive. And when conditions related to her reproductive functioning would occur, medical attention has to be sought. Among such conditions may be amenorrhea. Simply put, amenorrhea is the absence of monthly periods, or the menstrual period.

The menstrual period is a unique characteristic of women. It’s a sign of good reproductive health and general health all in all when menstrual periods are regular. But what if a woman misses her period, or when amenorrhea occurs. It could be an indication of pregnancy, or perhaps a certain health issue. Primarily, there are two kinds of amenorrhea- primary and secondary. The condition is said to be of the primary sort when a young girl has not yet have her period by the age of 16. As for secondary amenorrhea, it happens when a woman has regular monthly periods, and then it stopped for at least three months.

What is the main cause of amenorrhea?

Pregnancy is included in such cases. Having regular periods is an indication of overall good health. If a period is missed, then there might be underlying issues, or perhaps pregnancy. When a woman misses her monthly period, they ought to seek medical attention. She should inform her healthcare provider. That way, health assessments and evaluations would be made to determine the cause. Amenorrhea in itself is not a disease. Rather, it is a symptom of another underlying disease or condition. A healthcare professional’s attention is needed in this sense for a proper diagnosis and treatment. Other symptoms may occur with missed periods.

They may be headaches, hair loss or excess facial hair and vision problems. What are the possible causes of primary amenorrhea? Some conditions and factors which may lead to the condition are moderate or excessive exercise, extreme physical or psychological stress and eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa. Walnuts Nutrition Facts and health benefits of walnuts.

The same could be said with chromosomal and genetic abnormalities, and hypothalamic and pituitary diseases and physical problems. What about secondary amenorrhea- what are possible factors leading to it? Primarily, there is pregnancy. Certain contraceptives may cause it as well. Breastfeeding can also be a factor causing a missed period/periods. If a woman goes through mental stress, amenorrhea can manifest.

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The same can be said with low body weight, hormonal problems and certain medications. Premature ovarian failure can contribute to the condition as well. What of the effective treatments for amenorrhea? Applying an effective treatment would often entail having determined the underlying cause. Once the true, underlying cause has been ascertained, then an effective treatment could be applied. If the factors causing amenorrhea are physical activity, weight and stress issues, then lifestyle changes might be recommended. Certain medications and contraceptives can be used as well for treatment of amenorrhea.

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