An Interesting Guide To Flower Care

Flowers are a standard offering on any occasion of life, be it a birthday, a marriage, a reunion, a formal meeting or a funeral. Flowers can be offered with or without any occasion. A bouquet arranged with vibrant blooms can bring cheer to anyone. It is the month of February and the cycle of receiving endless gifts will start very soon. You will be receiving flowers as a symbol of affection from your beloved. You surely don’t want to throw these flowers and neither would you like them to die soon. Gazing at these flowers will leave lasting impressions on your mind as they will remind you of your partner, your memorable valentine’s celebrations and your happy relationship. Try some of the suggestions given below and keep your floral delight bloomed for a more extended period. You can also share these tips with your friend who is thinking of sending rose day flowers to their partners.


After purchasing flowers from the vendor in the market, take a pair of scissors and cut a little part of the stem before immersing them in water. Cutting a short portion of the stem after regular intervals will allow fresh water to seep into the flower through the stem. Cutting about one inch of the stem would be enough. It is advised to cut the stem with precision at an angle of 45 degrees. This facilitates the right intake of water through the stem by ensuring that it does not absorb an extra amount of water. Cutting the stem after 3-4 days increases the stem’s life by removing any additional amount of waterlogged in it.


You shall cut or remove any extra leaves or buds before immersing the stem in water. Removal of extra foliage helps the flower to open well after being placed in the container. Doing so ensures that all the nutrients are focused on the central bloom. Any additional leaf or bud will result in the nutrients being shared by the lovely flower and the little bud struggling to bloom. Remove dead petals and leaves so that the water does not become dirty and any bacterial action does not get initiated.


If you received your FLOWERS HOME DELIVERY much before the expected date and are concerned about keeping the flowers fresh till the occasion, try adding a little amount of sugar to the water you will be placing the flowers in. You can add crushed aspirin to the water as well. This shall also be helpful. Apart from this, you can use flower food which you must have received along with the flowers.


Do not keep the flowers exposed to the sun directly as this will hamper their well being. Do not place near electrical appliances that generate heat. Keeping the flowers at places like cooling or heating vents, windows, blowers or gas stoves will cause dehydration to the flowers. The flowers won’t be able to absorb water and will lose moisture. It is also suggested to place the flowers in the fridge so that they remain fresh. However, this too requires you to be careful as leaving the flowers in a cold situation for a long time will affect their health. It is suggested not to keep flowers near fruits because the warmth of fruits also affects the flowers.


The importance of water for living organisms is known to all. Therefore, you already know that you need to feed your flowers with water, even in the vase. Do not keep the flowers in the same water for several days. Change the water regularly and carefully. Do not remove the flowers in and out of the vase often as it may damage the flower. Adding fresh water to the vase adds to the plant life as well. Remember to rinse the container well before placing the flowers in it.

Now that you know so many tricks to keep your flowers hydrated and fresh for long, you must not worry about having dead flowers in your house. You can browse through the Same day roses delivery options of a trustworthy gift site to receive fresh flowers on any desired occasion.





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