Avram Grant’s Advice on Becoming a Successful Soccer Player

Avram Grant, the professional soccer manager, started his career by managing local clubs and then went on to manage Israeli national team. After making his name in his home country, he became the managerof one of Europe’s renowned clubs, Chelsea. The work that he did at Chelsea allowed him to leave a mark on the soccer world,as a successful coach. Avram Grant’s coaching techniques and abilities have facilitated many young soccer players to unlock their true potential and become superstars of the modern-day soccer.

Soccer is a popular sport around the globe, with over 200 countries playing the game and an estimate of over 270 million active soccer players. To become a successful player around the world, it is important to learn from the best of soccer coaches. Avram Grant’s advices can certainly help one achieving that feat.

Discipline Matters

Discipline is one of the core areas of reaching to the top. Grant believes when a young soccer player is disciplined,he shines in the game and is the very first step of unlocking potential. Everything in life and soccer requires it. Training sessions, diet plans, team work, patience, heading to gym to maintain physical needs of the game, believing in coach, knowing strengths and weakness, learning the technical and tactical side of the game require a player to show discipline.

A player that struggles in this department of the game will surely face troubles in the professional world. There are prime examples of this in modern day soccer. Talented players like Mario Balotelli had a lot of potential but failing to listen to coacheshave made their careers go in the opposite direction rather than reaching the top. While on the other hand players like Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo who are disciplined in all aspects of them game are living legends.

Technical vs Tactical

Technical abilities of a player sometime can interfere with the tactical side of the game. Avram Grant, known for his in-depth coaching and knowledge around the world believes that a player should have awareness of making both technical and tactical side work in tandemto ensure their game plan works.

Players should not be limited to certain plans. Instead, they should be given freedom to find theirtechnical limitations and capabilities. Grant has strived in this part of the game to help players refine their abilities. If a player is limited to pass the ball and not take risks, it will affect their creative side.

The tactical side of the game is more about decision making process. During a game, a player can find themselves in numerous situations. The best players around the world can create endless possibilities for all situations. For example,a player in a tight space can make a safe pass and the team keeps hold of the possession. Alternatively, players can make a pass and run into an open space to open up the opposition’s defense. Similarly, while defending, working with team in closing down spaces and not pressing at the wrong time is vital for maintaining the team’s defensive shape.


Soccer is a complicated game, requiring a combination of skills, discipline and knowledge.Avram Grant is well aware of and believes that a player must havea winning mindset to accept challenges on the path to success and not shy away from them. They should keep themselves motivated, focused, willingto leave their comfort zones, eager to learn and most importantly, work with the team.

Players with a mindset to grow will seize every opportunity to learn skills and improve their vision and knowledge of the game. The right mindset is a burning hunger in successful players.  High level soccer players believe that setbacks are a chance to improve themselves. Good players always take the time to reflect upon their mistakes to ensure they become better. Players with this sort of mentality do not hide away from asking their coaches on how to improve or what could have they done differently in the situation.

Besides having the mindset of a champion to improve from setbacks and becoming better, players should also require it in games where stakes are high, players should also focus on their decision making abilities. Doing so can help them make the right choices in situations where a mistake could cost their team the match. If someone goes into a game with a lot of potential or proven quality, having pre match jitters could result in disasters on the pitch. Why? Because their thinking ability is compromised. When this happens, a setback often leads to another one, making it difficult for the player to make an impact. That is why it is important for players to work on mental fitness.

The SMART Goals

Mostly, the support system should aim to set ‘SMART’ goals. This abbreviation is broken down into five key aspects.

  • Specific: A center midfielder needs to play a certain amount of defense penetrating passes, and intercept 10-15 passes of the opposition.
  • Measurable: How many clean sheets or saves a goal keeper needs to make during a season
  • Attainable: Making sure, goals that are set by the support staff are attainable
  • Realistic: The player, along with the support staff needs to discuss their goals to make sure that they are ready to take on these challenges.
  • Time based: There are two types of goals – short term and long term. The fulfillment of the short-term goals will help keep the player stay motivated heading into the season. Long term goals can be set for changes to the technical or tactical side of the game, which often require more time.

Once your goals meet this criterion, you have a high chance of achieving them.

Final Thoughts

A young or a professional soccer player needs to set goals. It is like sowing seeds for success in the game. This process is vital for players to set targets, ensuring they can achieve desired results.Avram Grant firmly believes that players with the right support system can achieve and set better goals for themselves.


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