Benefits Of Web Conferencing Software For e-Learning Professionals

An effective web conferencing software includes in-built video and audio conferencing tools, chat rooms, shared whiteboard, file sharing options that provide real-time collaboration between the tutor and the learner. Corporates have adopted the technology for conducting webinars, virtual meetings, e-conferencing, etc. There are various web conferencing providers available in the market.

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Features of web conferencing tools can leverage e-Learning by providing a robust collaborative platform that can act as a replacement for face-to-face meetings. This is the most cost-effective and time-saving method of organizing virtual meetings with the team members spread across various locations. Let us understand other benefits of web conferencing software.

Breaks communication barriers

To get the best talent pool and to increase the business outreach, companies have been hiring employees across locations facilitating them with remote work facilities. To involve them in training along with the team members across other locations and corporate offices, a web conferencing tool helps in connecting them with ease providing a virtual feeling of being on the same platform. Trainers, too get an opportunity to connect more often with the external consultants and subject matter experts.

Reduce training costs

To train a dispersed team physically requires huge administrative and infrastructural costs. Web conferencing software helps to reduce this cost by organizing virtual meetings, online training, webinars, etc. These sessions can be carried out from anywhere just with an active internet connection. The only point to consider is the limit on members that can be included in the training program as the software might restrict/limit you to a fixed number of participants.

Increased team collaboration amongst the dispersed workforce

With the focus on targeted, job-specific training, it also becomes important to develop interpersonal skills. Web conferencing software provides a platform where the teams can not only collaborate for brainstorming sessions but get the platform to work on a common project. Most of the web conferencing software has the built-in feature of document sharing that facilitates the participants to share the files and details while in the meeting. Exchange of ideas and best practice sharing also leads to a collaborative team.

Increased Social learning experience

Learning cannot take place in a stand-alone environment. Creating social groups through web conferencing software helps the learner to communicate with each other and provides a platform to work in teams even in dispersed workforce environments. Social learning is an effective means of keeping the learners engaged and thus making the course more interactive. The web conferencing software helps the learner to connect with their mentors to ask questions and clear their doubts by getting personalized/individual support. Features like integrated screen sharing tools facilitate support staff to provide solutions for issues remotely.

Enables client review process remotely

Setting up virtual meetings saves on time and cost providing instant support and remedies to the clients. For a physical meeting, you are required to take the printouts of the material, book a meeting place, and arrange for the travel to the meeting location. All this can be ruled out by organizing a virtual meeting with the help of web conferencing software. Instant sharing of the material and discussions saves you from the follow-up work of the meeting.

Update the existing training material

You always strive to ensure that your training material is updated and the employees can utilize them at the time to their needs. By collaborating with teams regularly, you can review and revise the content on a real-time basis. Incorporating the needs and topics relevant to remote employees becomes easier.

Conclusion: Web conferencing software is beneficial for organizations as it provides the dispersed team the required freedom to work from anywhere. Collaborating with external vendors and getting support will surely enhance the overall quality and effectiveness of the e-Learning program.

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