Best 5 Luxury Watches To Add On Your Next Collection

Purchasing a deluxe watch is considered to be one of the most intimidating purchases an individual can make. But, if you can sweep the money together, a luxury timepiece can be a firm investment, mainly if you know how to cruise the market.

While it may be true, luxury pieces are expensive; there are many options to choose from, and finding the best one that will surely suit your style and personality might be a challenge. Some options are smarter than others, and you must be a critical buyer for a big investment. So here are five luxury watches you might consider investing in.

Bell And Ross BR03

First on the list is the brand Bell & Ross is one of the most rising brand new watch companies on the market. If you’re into something classic, you would be better off rocking their Submariners and Speedmasters. However, if you’re into something contemporary and fresh, Bell & Ross is always a fine choice.

Even though the brand does a variety of aviation-inspired designs, the prime has to be their BR03. Highlighting their iconic square casing for whom the company became distinguished, and with a right size at 42mm, it has been one of the most remarkable modern watches every individual can have that costs around $3,500+.

Omega 300

Diving timepieces were initially crafted to be effective pieces for underwater activities. However, this doesn’t indicate they can’t be highly fashionable. The Seamaster 300 of the Omega company is one of the most remarkable and striking dive watches every watch collector must have as it’s a classic, gorgeous-looking watch.

The style and details came from Omega’s colorful history of the Seamaster collection. Even if it may look, the company has packed the Seamaster line up with cutting-edge craft counting a ceramic, metal bezel, and a mirror case back that features its co-axial movement. It roughly costs about $6,000.

Rolex Submariner

The Rolex Submariner was launched in 1954, and it has not been the same since in the watch industry. This specific watch was never unchained as an opulence product, but preferably a professional diver’s watch that every individual could appreciate. It earned a ritual status for being a great sports timepiece.

Moreover, when the automatic watch earned more luxury levels in the 1980s, Rolex started its long path to flatter the world’s most prudent luxury watch brand. The Rolex Submariner was their most known model as it was very legible and durable. Its well-polished style stands timeless and suitable for men and women, whatever style, age, and look.

Glashutte Original Senator Navigator

Along with diver-designed timepieces, the most well-known sports watches are pilot-style watches, and there are plenty of them. Some of them are original huge watches, and it’s challenging to distinguish who crafted them first. Individuals usually agree that tons of the early ones were Swiss and German from the 1920s.

This specific standard aesthetic is often known by the “B-Uhr” name, has been manufactured by many brands. And because many people like them, they selected the Original Senator Navigator by Glashutte Original to render this epochal watch as there’s no clear “living parent” to the craft.

The company manufactures small pieces in their Original Senator Navigator pilot timepiece line up with an overall price of $7,000. They are indeed peak in quality, although they are hard to find even where the company’s watches are being sold. Other companies who provide this style sell it at a price that costs hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Breitling Navitimer

Pilot watches were trendy in the early 1950s, and the Navitimer by Breitling is one of them. Its slide-rule bezel and mixture of the timepiece are what made this specific luxury watch famous. It may not be the first watch that has these complications. It was rapidly endorsed by professional pilots and Militaries.

It’s because of its helpful tool that adds to telling time and provides a wide range of important inflight calculations. Thanks to their slide-rule and chronograph combination. When flight decks went automatic, the use of the Navitimer sank. However, plenty of pilots are still educated using traditional analog calculations as a backup if digital fails.

This specific watch has so much to offer. It’s not just a tool having earned the level as a time and glamorous tool timepiece for the intelligent and discriminating active guy. These days, the company provides a version of the Navitimer with their in-house movements, and it’s still considered one of the company’s top sellers. The price is $9,000.


There may be hundreds of luxurious watches around the world, but these five excellent watches must be taken into consideration when planning to invest and add more great timepieces to your collection. If you plan on purchasing a watch online, then you should not miss the opportunity to look for watch deals and discounts before you order. Even if you just get a discount of a few percent, you will still save a lot of money.

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