Best cold calling tips for sales reps

There are plenty of cold calling courses in London, we are here to help you with a few basic tips to get your journey started.

Cold calling can be a challenge if you don’t have an effective strategy. Your chances of success are significantly increased if you carefully consider “when” and “who”. Once you’ve planned to make the call, you need to know what to do next.

Be strategic about your call times

As a rule of thumb, the people you want to reach – decision-makers and influential people – are often extremely busy, so you should carefully consider when you should contact them, since they are not always available during business hours.

Assistants and more junior members of the team keep tabs on them closely during the day, since they have too much to do. It is best to call them in the morning or in the evening if you wish to speak with them.

When possible, steer clear of Mondays – when people are getting back into the swing of things – and Fridays, since they are preparing to wind down.

By mid-week, the person you are calling will likely have addressed their top concerns and are less prone to consider your call intrusive.

Consider the appropriate time to call as well. You have a better chance of reaching senior staff members if you call before 9am. Calling between 5 and 7pm is another good time, since people will be done with work and have more time to chat.

Plan your schedule

Set up a window of time when you’ll call after you’ve figured out the best time. You’ll get in the habit faster this way. Your prospect would likely appreciate a simple question when the call starts: “Is this a good time to speak with you?” If it isn’t, arrange another time that works for both of you.

Decide who to target

Despite the fact that sales will never be a perfect science, it is possible to improve your chances by finding the right person to talk to – for instance, somebody for whom your solution will have value and is able to purchase the solution or sell it.

Even if they may not have the final say in the matter, they may be equally valuable and easier to reach. Make sure you talk to the right person instead of talking to the incorrect person. Spend ten minutes making sure you are talking to the right person.

The key to success is preparation

A business’s objective is not to sell products but rather to solve problems for customers. All sales techniques, including cold calling, are subject to this rule.

Take the time to research your prospects and figure out how you can represent your product in an appealing way. Also, consider writing a script so the conversation stays organized and on track – if you aren’t sure how to begin, just start with a basic outline and customize it.

If possible, make sure you have an explanation and vision of what you would like to accomplish with your prospect; for instance, you could use an existing offer or customize it for them.

Persistently follow up on your leads

In sales, the majority of sales don’t materialize on the first call, or on the second or even third. Keep following up and being persistent – many people won’t even bother.

If you get a referral, you will have the kind of credibility that money can’t buy. Even if you don’t get the in-depth meeting you wanted, you at least have the chance to reach out to them.

Are things not going as planned? Look for potential pitfalls.

In spite of the best salesperson’s best efforts, she will never succeed 100% of the time – if you have a bad streak, see if there is anything you can do differently.

Obtain data to track your progress

Monitoring your cold calling conversion funnel is important for cold calling as well as for any other area of sales.

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