Best Crypto Investments In 2023 You Can Make Today

Investing in cryptocurrency can be difficult. There are so many coins and tokens to choose from such as Bitcoin being the most popular and can be used as a trading pair to Tether or BTC USDT. Nevertheless, it’s hard to tell which ones will be successful enough to make the cut five years down the line.

As Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies gain popularity, there are many people who want to invest in cryptocurrencies for the long-term. One example is the cryptocurrency Tether. Some of them just want to hold onto the currency without ever selling it (HODLing), while others are thinking about holding it until the USDT price increases by many times. The forex market is a decentralised market that operates 24 hours a day, five days a week, allowing for continuous trading across different time zones.

For that reason, we’ve put together this list of the best long-term crypto investments for 2023.

The 12 Best Long Term Crypto Investments for 2023

It’s time to take a look ahead and consider what the best long term crypto investments for 2023 will be.

In this article, we’ll explore 12 different cryptocurrencies that have the potential to make you a lot of money over the next decade or so.

Fight out

Fight Out is a blockchain based platform that allows users to create, share and play games with each other. The platform aims at improving the gaming experience by allowing people to interact and challenge each other in real time.

Fight Out on the other hand provides a solution for this problem by allowing users to create their own personal profile where they can share their thoughts about different aspects of the game such as characters, weapons and upgrades among others.

Dash 2 Trade

Dash 2 trade is a cryptocurrency that’s similar to bitcoin, but has a few key differences. The first difference is that dash 2 trade has a higher price point than bitcoin, which means you can make more money when you buy it.

The second difference is that dash 2 trade offers faster transaction times and lower fees than Bitcoin, so it’s easier for people to use. If you want to be part of the best long-term crypto investments 2023 and beyond, then buying dash 2 trade today will be worth your while.


Robotera is a decentralized platform for creating, managing and deploying AI-powered robots on the blockchain. Robotera aims to create a democratized ecosystem where anyone can participate in building new intelligent machines that can perform various tasks.

Robotera will be holding a public sale in Q1 2023.


Tamadoge is a blockchain-based decentralized system for the gaming industry. The company aims to create an environment that guarantees more transparency and fairness in the gaming industry by eliminating third parties, which are usually involved in transactions between players and game developers.

Tamadog has its own unique token, TMC, and it can be used to create and trade virtual assets. Tamadog is also suitable for game developers and players who want to invest in blockchain technology. The company’s goal is to allow users to easily create their own tokens and make them available for use on the market. Users can exchange TMC tokens in the app and receive free tamadoge.

The Uncharted

The uncharted is a decentralized gaming platform that uses the blockchain to create a free market ecosystem. It allows developers to explore the potential for their games by giving them access to a wide range of features, including in-game purchases and microtransactions, community building tools, analytics packages and more.

The uncharted also provides tools for players such as leaderboards, social media integration and live streaming capabilities so users can compete against other gamers from around the world without playing together directly in real time.

Copium Protocol

Copium Protocol is a decentralized ecosystem that aims to provide users with the most secure, transparent and efficient way of managing their digital assets. Through this platform, users can build their own exchange in minutes or even seconds.

It also has a very good team behind it including CEO Santiago Gonzalez who has been involved in blockchain since 2013 and CTO Oscar Verdejo who specializes in backend development for web applications.

Battle Infinity

Battle Infinity is a new game that will be released in Q1 2019. It is the first major title on the Battle Infinity platform, and it will allow you to explore space and conquer planets. There are several different ways to play the game, including PvP combat and guild battles. A team of developers has been working on this game since August 2018, so you can expect some great updates soon!

The Battle Infinity platform was launched in December 2017 with some games already available on it (such as CryptoKingdom). In May 2018 they released an update that included new features such as leaderboards and multiplayer capabilities for existing games like CryptoKingdom, Bitcoin Hold’em Poker Bot & Dice Bot etc..

Lucky Block

Lucky Block is a decentralized blockchain lottery that uses smart contract technology to ensure transparency and fairness. The concept of the platform is simple: players purchase tickets for a chance at winning the jackpot.

However, unlike traditional lotteries, Lucky Block does not have any fixed jackpots or predetermined winners; instead, it relies on an innovative system where players can purchase “lucky blocks” from other users (who have already purchased them) at varying prices.

Players then get to keep whatever coins they earn through their lucky blocks—all transactions are recorded in real time on blockchain so that everyone knows who made sales and when they were made.


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