Best Microblading Removal Methods

Can you remove bad microblading? Can microblading be removed naturally? Does microblading removal leave scars? From ancient history, eyebrows have been an important aspect of facial aesthetics and a fashion statement. Every year, eyebrow trends keep changing from low-arched to high-arched, from thick to thin, and much more.

A time came when people realized that you can not shape all eyebrows. That is when microblading came into vogue. Originating from Asia, the eyebrow restoration technique grew in popularity thanks to social media.

However, while microblading helps people seeking cosmetic enhancement, bad microblading can leave your eyebrows looking worse. In fact, your eyebrows may end up looking gray or blue.

Want to get rid of the bad microblading job? Here are two microblading removal methods that work.

Saline Microblading Removal

A microblading specialist will inject or microblade saline into your skin to remove the pigments. By microblading saline, the specialist opens your skin and allows the saline solution to seep into the skin.

When the saline solution dries up the tattoo pigments, the specialist can pull them out of your skin through scabbing. This method is effective in removing the tattoo pigments, but it can also damage your skin.

What you need to know is that the saline removal method is very effective with lighter shadows and pigments. Due to its effectiveness, bad microblading can be taken care of in one or two sessions. The process does not hurt, but it’s usual practice to apply a numbing cream on the treated area. Also, unlike the laser removal method, the saline method allows your skin to heal faster.

Laser Microblading Removal

When it comes to laser microblading removal, a laser beam penetrates your skin and dissolves the pigments. This allows your body to absorb the pigment because they are easier to break down than tattoo ink.

Laser removal takes 4 to 6 sessions to remove the PMU pigment. Depending on the ingredients of the pigment, the entire process can take a few months. This is because your skin needs time to heal after every session.

If you’re dealing with strokes of very faded shadow or light shade, laser removal is not effective. If you’ve a darker skin tone, it’s recommended to visit an experienced laser removal specialist. This is because with dark skin tones, the risks are higher.

Seek a Microblading Removal Specialist’s Help

Instead of opting for DIY methods that you may find online, it’s recommended to seek the help of a professional microblading removal near me. Depending on the type of method they can offer, you’ll be in better hands, and the result won’t be worse.

Always make sure that the specialist has a proven track record of successful microblading removals. Basically, the specialist should have the before and after images plus customer reviews. With the help of a skilled and experienced specialist, you’ll no longer have to live with a microblading job.

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