Best Primary Schools in Melbourne

Early learning of children shapes their entire lives. Research proves that quality early learning in a child’s first five years harms their entire life. Early childhood learning supports and guides children’s learning and development, and gives every child the best chance in life. That is the most important job that needs to be done.

The brain builds more than one million new connections every second in the first five years of a child’s life. That is the fastest rate at which the amazing human brain develops. It needs to be ensured that this early brain development results in a strong foundation for children’s later learning process and success. Check the CatEight School finder option to search for the best schools in Melbourne.

Beverley Hills Primary School (BHPS) is a primary school located in the Melbourne Eastern Suburbs region and one of the best primary public schools in Melbourne. Its main aim is to nurture the academic and social developments of every child. BHPS also aims to develop students’ ability to collect, comprehend and organize information, plan activities, exchange ideas and information, cooperate with others, apply mathematical concepts and solutions, understand cultural concepts and phenomena, use technical means to solve problems. You can use the school application option for further guidance and information.

Hume Anglican Grammar is also one of the best primary schools in Melbourne. They offer a very well-balanced approach to learning, a responsive consideration of the emotional wellbeing of their students, and provide an opportunity for all young people to flourish within their new, innovative, and caring environment. They teach their students to become responsible.

Southmoor Primary School is also one of the top public primary schools in Melbourne. They help provide a dynamic learning environment and new innovative programs for students which aim to support students and help them realize their full potential by providing adequate opportunities. Southmoor Primary School also pays attention to enhancing the students’ self-confidence, resilience, health, well-being, and self-esteem.

Oakleigh South Primary School is a coeducational primary school. It not only teaches students traditional subjects, such as English, Science, Mathematics, Languages, Humanities, and Arts, but also physical and social learning subjects, including Civics, Citizenship Health, and Physical Education. The primary school provides different kinds of physical facilities for students, including Gym, Netball, Basketball, Bat Tennis, juniors playground, Tennis Courts, Sustainable villages, Ovals, Performing Arts centres and more. These facilities enable students to study in a healthy and safe environment. Check the school application option for further information.

Balwyn Primary School is a government school in the Balwyn area. It is a top public primary school in Melbourne. It provides a caring and supportive learning environment for students. Balwyn Primary School also encourages students to make most of their time at school and focus on becoming actively involved in their community.


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