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The history of video games began back in the 1950s to 1960s, when computer scientists started designing simple games. But as time passed by, the advancement in the quality and overall feel of games started to fly. Now in this digital era, the feeling of games has become quite realistic, and due to this, it has somehow become difficult for everyone to run games smoothly without any additional component like extra RAM or a good GPU.  GPU serves as the leading light when it comes to getting a good experience of games on PC. 

A graphic card is one of the supreme elements when a great gaming experience is concerned, which includes graphics quality, visuals attractiveness, and smooth, realistic scenes. A graphic card is a trained electronic circuit outlined for rapid manipulation and alteration of memory for acceleration in image creation and frame buffer deliberated for output to a display device. However, finding such a card that can handle video gaming, video editing, streaming might be rigorous, so here we are, along with the team of Tech Reviews. We came up with the article Gaming Dairy GPUs, which would be of great ease for you while choosing the best GPU according to your passion. 


Getting your hands on a new GPU is almost unachievable these days due to shortage coupled with sky-high demand. The article best tech review GPUs will set out the key features that you should look for in a GPU.


Intel, Asus AMD, and Nvidia are the leading recognized brands that make valuable GPUs. These chips are the prime factors in gaming, video editing, and streaming. Other brands like EVGA, Sapphire, Gigabyte, and Zotac also produce GPUs by utilizing only the chipset of Intel and AMD and making the other parts such as body and fans on their own. If budget is not an issue and you want a premium card, then EVGA would be better.


Many graphic cards exist with up to 12 gigabytes of video memory. Moreover, newer cards, including Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090, come with a memory of 24 gigabytes which can be a valuable addition for pro-level gamers. 


GPU is a prime factor for gaming, contains various components that also individually consume some amount of power, and the highly power-consuming component is the chip. GPU power is also known as the TBP, total power is the measure of how much power is supplied to the entire graphic card. While looking for a GPU, your power supply unit must cohere with the GPU requirement because it has to power GPU and the whole computer.


 The clock speed serves as a key factor in GPU performance as it directly affects the FPS. The higher the clock speed, the higher the number of FPS that you can enjoy while playing a heavy game. 


Due to the high juggling of tasks, GPU emits lots of heat. If the GPU becomes hot, you will probably face difficulties in the near future, so it becomes quite responsible of you to purchase such GPU that contains a good cooling system. The MSI Seahawk is a quite good option as it contains AIO 120mm rad with a 120mm fan. 


The latest GPUs are capable of ray-tracing. GPUs with these abilities provide more realistic lighting effects which creates a good difference between the overall graphics of the game. GPUs having this quality usually have an “RTX” label mounted on them.

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