Earn a living in 5 ways through your WordPress Blog for Free

Have you ever tried to find ways to make money online before? Over 27 percent of websites use WordPress, making it the world’s most popular website publishing platform. As long as you use WordPress blogs to perform what you are good at, you may monetize them for free.


It’s a good idea to be wary of anyone who claims to you that you can make money quickly online with little work. Don’t give in to the lure of money.


Payment of any refund is required. A few needs effort, while others require a monetary outlay of funds. How can I earn money lawfully and safely from home without risking my life? With a WordPress blog, you can do it. Work hard and you’ll reap the rewards. We’ll show you how to monetize a WordPress blog for free in the following paragraphs.


Affiliate marketing


The use of affiliate marketing is another common approach to make money from a blog. Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money from a blog, as many YouTubers do it with their YouTube channels.


With affiliate marketing, you advertise other companies’ items and earn a commission on every sale you help to make through your promotion. As a result of their efforts, the company’s product is improved and sold, or they receive a commission when someone buys from the company.


For affiliate marketing, you need three things: a niche, an affiliate product, and audiences to push the affiliate marketing product. In addition to Amazon, ShareASale and eBay Partner Network affiliate programs are also available.


Create and sell wordpress templates or themes


This means you can create your WordPress templates and customize them for a specific customer. People can buy wordpress themes at the precise price you set. You also have the option of reselling WordPress themes or designs developed by others through affiliate programs such as Thesis and Studio Press.


It’s possible to make WordPress themes for sale if you’re interested in site design and development. Also, people can buy wordpress templates you have created and uploaded for sale and earn a living from it


Create plugins for WordPress


As a result of plugins, WordPress is more versatile and powerful. You can extend and change any function of your WordPress website using plugins, which behave like applications. You can design your WordPress plugin if you understand WordPress’s functioning principles and have a basic understanding of PHP.


In terms of plugin distribution, there are a variety of options available to us as developers. With a website like MOJO Marketplace, or your WordPress site, you may offer high-end plugins, delivering your powerful plugins and providing amazing support to consumers before they buy it.


audience through WhatsApp for WordPress with ownership


However, even while on-site advertising and affiliate marketing can be a great method to make money, they merely send your users to external links. No matter how many people visit your website, they don’t leave a trace. You can’t communicate with them any other way than by writing more and more articles.


Take a moment to think about it. What if you could get in touch with your audience? You may be considering launching a newsletter of your own. To make it even better, I’ll share one of my favourite methods with you: capturing their phone contacts. Are you inspired by the picture below?


Content creation alone is insufficient. ASAP take action. You’ll have to ask for the answer. You need to encourage your audience to think critically and communicate with each other. You can now achieve this in a simple and free manner with the aid of the WhatsApp WordPress plugin. Try it out right now!




If you want to make money from your WordPress blog, you may utilize numerous sorts of advertising.


To make money there are several other ways.


Google Adsense, but is not the most profitable because you need a lot of traffic to make a lot of money. A user will pay you for every click they make on the advertisement. CPC announcements are what they’re called.


A technology called Infolinks inserts advertising links into your blog’s content.


Companies ask you to install banners on your blog to promote their websites, and you agree. Company X pays you $100 each month to place their banner on your blog for the month. But if you starting your own wordpress site, don’t forget to add SSL Certificate as its most important aspect for Google as well as users.

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