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Bitcoin trading has become an important way of making money for many people. However, this method of obtaining btc has its limitations: in particular, the need to always control the rate of cryptocurrencies.

Not every USA crypto exchange can boast of rich functionality for such opportunities. Let’s take a look at several popular trading platforms that allow you to make exchange transactions directly from your mobile phone.

How to trade bitcoins using your smartphone

To trade cryptocurrencies, there are a number of mobile applications that are versions of an online service and are tied to a client’s account.

They are very important for those traders who are often on the road, like to check quotes and manage funds without any restrictions.

When choosing a crypto-exchange on which you are going to trade, it is always important to consider the availability of a mobile version, since only it will allow you to get rid of any asset or, on the contrary, acquire it literally in an instant.

The functionality of mobile applications, as a rule, does not differ too much from the web version. American cryptocurrency trading program is also equipped with a quote chart, the ability to add / withdraw funds from the balance, place a buy or sell order.

How to trade bitcoins using your smartphone

The best American mobile versions of cryptocurrency exchanges for Android. Binance

The Binance app is stable and has a pretty nice interface. There is also a desktop version with a similar functionality. There are two versions of the application:

  •           Android;
  •           iOS.

The application interface is simple and straightforward: currency pairs are grouped in a separate tab, current cryptocurrency rates as well. You can buy or sell a coin simply by using the Buy or Sell button at the bottom of the screen.

The application is highly stable, and Binance has a large number of trading positions. For those looking to trade short rates and a variety of currency pairs, the Binance app will be indispensable.


Another popular cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase with a well-deserved reputation and high trading volume.

The Coinbase mobile app is a variant of the online bitcoin storage, however, with functionality for exchanging, buying and selling. It is enough to link your trading accounts on the site.

The functionality of the application, however, is rather primitive, but it is extremely simple and straightforward to use.

CEX .io

The platform cannot boast the same trading volume and currency pairs as Binance, however, it supports very convenient applications for iOS and Android.

Nevertheless, there are improved options for altcoins, in particular, the ability to buy them for real currency using Visa and MasterCard – the exchange uses a special PCI security certificate for international non-cash payments.

At the same time, the mobile application is quite attractive in terms of design, as well as easy to use.

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