Best Virtual Instructor Led Cloud Computing Bootcamps

Technology has helped survive organizations when everything seemed to go down the hill due to Covid-19. We have witnessed extreme disturbance in various industries with people getting stranded to their homes due to the fear of this contagious virus spreading across borders. This global pandemic has affected people globally, in fact entire economies have disrupted in the wake of this pandemic. However, for the companies who could somehow stay afloat, technology was one of the core reasons for their survival. Take the example of work from home. Organizations that were cloud friendly, managed to successfully shift to work from home, since there was least dependency on physical databases and paperwork. Cloud computing is now recognized as the top-most essential technology strength companies must possess to fight such unprecedented global events, carrying a potential to distort economies on a global level.

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is the term used for the concept of delivering computing services over the internet, without relying on physical databases, storage or networks. The term “cloud” represents the availability of computing services that include networking, servers, software, storage and analytics, from anywhere across the globe via internet, meaning there is no limitation of physical boundaries. In other, simpler words, cloud computing also means managing, accessing, storing, and updating data on the cloud, a location that does not depend on physical databases, and only requires internet to access if the permission in granted.

The purpose of shifting from old-school physical databases to cloud is cost saving, taking advantage of flexibility, offering faster innovation, and enjoying economies of scale. Using cloud services only requires paying for the cloud services you use, as per your current business needs, allowing you to operate infrastructure efficiently and scale as your business grows. Before heading to learn about the best virtual instructor led cloud computing bootcamps, let’s discuss what are the job prospects in the field and what future for cloud professionals look like.

Cloud Computing Career

Since the pandemic has hit the world, the need for expert cloud professionals has skyrocketed. There was already a cloud talent shortage across the globe, and with more organizations now preparing to shift to cloud, the need has grown for expert cloud professionals more than ever. Sam Kroonenburg, A Cloud Guru CEO and Co-Founder, says companies now believe cloud adoption has become essential for their growth and durability, which means acquiring skilled cloud professionals is now a top priority for IT teams across the globe.

Gartner research on skills for digital transformation tells us how cloud computing among AI, security and analytics, has become necessary to succeed in going digital. It also mentions in top 6 trends impacting infrastructure operations that 90% of infrastructure and operations organizations will have their staff working remotely by the end of 2023, which is a product of the shift to cloud. The trend of shifting to cloud will drive infrastructure and operations over the next year or more.

Best Virtual Instructor Led Cloud Computing Bootcamps


QuickStart’s Cloud Architect Master’s program sets you up for success in cloud computing by offering expertise in cloud architecture and applications. Candidates will be prepared to build scalable applications that are not only reliable, but also secure from breaches and attacks, on three leading cloud platforms: AWS, Azure and GCP. This certification training program will help prepare for over five industry recognized certifications as well as capstone projects in all three domains. With such versatility in the program, this is one of the best virtual instructor-led cloud bootcamps in the market.

Florida Atlantic University’s Center for Online and Continuing Education Bootcamp

Standing on an average rating of 4.73 on Course Report, FAU’s online cloud computing bootcamp is offered in collaboration with QuickStart Learning Inc, an IT workforce readiness and career development platform. The bootcamp is a thorough program that is spanned over a period of 24 to 28 weeks, broken in flexible, self-paced online courses, weekly live sessions with industry experts, access to expert community for collaboration with industry experts and students, e-books, informal learning content, job assistance policy and a certificate of completion from Florida Atlantic University.

The Linux Foundation Cloud Engineer Bootcamp

Linux skills have been in demand since forever, which is a strong reason why this Cloud Engineer Bootcamp by Linux Foundation will serve to be a great program if you are a beginner wishing to start your career into cloud computing. Candidates will be prepared for two major certification exams: Linux Foundation Certified System Administrator and Certified Kubernetes Administrator. Bootcamp graduates will also get a Certified Cloud Engineer badge by Linux. The program is bundled with self-paced courses, hands-on labs, discussion forum, and certification training. The study schedule is ideally timed as 15-20 hours a week for six months, and there is also a 3-days money back guarantee in case you do not like the bootcamp.


Pragra is based out of Toronto, Canada providing IT skills training in a variety of IT fields. For cloud computing there are two different bootcamps offered by Pragra. The Cloud Engineer bootcamp is an 12-week long program that prepares candidates for AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate certification. The other program, Professional Certified Cloud Architect is also 12 weeks long in which candidates are prepared for AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional certification. Bootcamps are offered online and include capstone projects and hands-on labs helping you polish your skills and acumen to appear and pass the certification exams.


This online cloud computing bootcamp by Udemy is designed to build your cloud skills from the ground-up. If you are thinking to learn the basics of cloud computing, this program might be the right one for you, since its curriculum covers AWS, Azure and GCP platforms, the three leading cloud vendors. It is a total 11 hours on-demand video course with an industry expert as the instructor, 15 downloadable resources, one practice test, and a certificate of completion.

Cloud talent shortage is real and has become more of a concern post Covid-19 emergence. If you are facing a problem navigating your career ahead, or want to start your career in IT, cloud computing is worth giving a shot. Cloud talent shortage is not going anywhere, and the best way to take advantage of this situation is by looking at is as an opportunity to catch the recruiters’ eyes.


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