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If there is indeed a best American category, it is the great Western. The images of Western TV shows are accompanied by a soundtrack of twangy strings, fire from the waving lounges, grasses, spurs exprss, and faded caps. The Old West became a fantasy genre in the second half of the nineteenth century CE. Americans are drawn to the romanticism of the Old West, which offers a sense of unknown independence and the underlying themes of “men will be men” and “justice will be done.” The genre started in the 1930s and rose to prominence in the 1960s. The original stars in these films and television รวมซีรีส์ were John Wayne and Clint Eastwood. 

During the 1950s and 1960s, Westerns were the most popular TV genre, with classics such as “Gunsmoke,” “The Lone Ranger,” and “Cheyenne.” We collected these findings from the IMDb series and rated them based on viewer ratings on all Western TV series in IMDb’s May 2020 list.

  • The Rifleman:

The Rifleman is a Family type film that was released on September 30, 1958. It has five seasons and 168 episodes and its IMDB rating were 8.3. Another Western American TV show featuring Chuck Connors as cattleman Lucas McCain and Johnny Crawford as his son Mark McCain is The Rifleman. From September 30, 1958, to April 8, 1963, Four Star Television aired The Rifleman on ABC. It was one of the first premium series on US television to depict a single parent raising a child. This was preceded by a half-hour show in which Rancher Lucas McCain raised his son Mark in enemy areas while battling desperados in New Mexico in the 1880s. Sam Peckinpah produced the original show, which aired on CBS from 1958 to 1963. Variety’s Cynthia Littleton reported in 2011 that a remake would return to CBS, but it was never realized.

  •  Longmire:

Longmire was a crime drama and Neo western. It was released on June 3, 2012. Longmire has 6 seasons and 63 episodes. Longmire’s IMDB rating was 8.3. Longmire is a television series set in the United States that was created and produced by John Coveny and Hunt Baldwin. It premiered on the A&E network on June 3, 2012. It was announced in August 2014 that the series would not be renovated after the third season. Longmire earned the “highest rating of the original drama series.” Craig Johnson’s mystery novels starring Walt Longmire are brought to life in this A & E (and later Netflix) western crime thriller. Absaroka, a deputy with the Longmire County Sheriff’s Office, recently lost his wife. Slowly, his daughter and the female deputy backed him up. The show was canceled by A & E after three seasons, but Cynthia Littleton wrote about it in Variety a few months later.

  • WagonTrain:

Wagon Train was released in 1957 and gained a user rating of 7.4 on IMDB. If you grew up on the Oregon Trail, “Wagon Train” would have been perfect as well. In the years after the Civil War, the long-running Western TV series tracked a wagon train going west. Each episode changed the emphasis to a different member of the wagon train, as they fought the weather, Native Americans, and the human condition along the way. Three other Westerns placed in the top ten the year Wagon Train launched. By 1961, it had risen to the top of the ratings.

  • Lonesome Dove:

Lonesome Dove is a western drama series that was released on 26 September 1994. The drama has 2 seasons and 43 episodes, but it earns great fame in the audience. The drama’s IMDB rating was 8.7.

This is an American Western drama television series that premiered on September 26, 1994. The plot revolves around a group of ex-Texas Guards who are transporting calves to Montana. On their way, they discover the curiosity and meet a variety of characters. Michael tell that The cast of this 8-hour series was star-studded, with everyone from Robert Duvall and Tommy Lee Jones to Anjelica Huston. The Westerners were almost gone by the time “Lonesome Dove” came on the radio, but the authors paid homage to the classic genre, according to Walter Goodman in The New York Times. In its second season, Lonesome Dove: The Outlaw Years was transmitted by syndical media in the 1995-96 television period.


There are hundreds upon dozens of television Westerns to choose from, whether you’re a gunslinger Western aficionado or just starting. Apart from these shows, there are a lot of dramas that touch the heart string of the audience and stay there forever.

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