Blackjack Switch Overview

Blackjack Switch is an innovative variation of regular Blackjack where players play two hands instead of one. When two cards are dealt from each hand, players have the option to change their cards to improve the situation in one or both hands. Blackjack Switch also has an optional supermatch bet. This type of game can be found in most MGA casino without Swedish license.

Overview of Blackjack Switch

To place a bet, first click on the button with the desired denomination and then click on the desired betting range. Additional bets are valued separately. The game begins when you press the Deal button. Once the cards have been dealt, a switch appears among other possible options, an opportunity to swap cards that players must use before any other combinations.

Other possible options to continue playing are hit, stand, insure, double and split. As in basic blackjack, cards are drawn from each hand in turn. If the player wishes to start a new game, he or she must press the “New Game” button and, to place an identical bet, press “Repeat”, whereupon the game will begin automatically. Alternatively, the player can place a different bet and press “Deal”.

Complete Blackjack Switch Review

The game begins by setting the bets. Blackjack Switch by Playtech allows a minimum bet of 1.00 and a maximum bet of 300.00. After the cards are dealt, the supermatch bet is played first. If a player has two or more cards of the same rank from the four dealt, the payout is in the order shown in the paytable. Otherwise, the bet is lost. If a player decides to use the switch (to change a card), he should do so at the beginning of the game, but this move is not mandatory. It is better to do it if it gives the player an advantage. Usually, the switch increases the chances of winning considerably. For example, when dealing, a player gets a 10 as the first card in one hand and a 5 in his second hand, and in his other hand he gets a 5 as the first card and a 10 as the second card. The value of each of his hands is 15, so when a card is switched, one hand has 20 and the other hand has 10, which increases the probability of winning. However, in Blackjack Switch by Playtech, this advantage does not come without a certain price. Some of the rules of regular blackjack have been changed in favour of online casinos as compensation for the privilege.

Use the Menu button on the bottom toolbar to see the different game settings, some of which are also available in Blackjack Switch by Playtech. For example, the game can be played in both full screen mode and windowed mode. The game speed can be adjusted in a stepless range. The player also has the option to disable animations during card dealing, which speeds up the game. There are also different soundscapes. One of the unique settings of Blackjack Switch is the ability to increase the size of the card if the default size is not suitable for the player for some reason. However, there is no automatic display in this game offered by Playtech.

No less important than the tab offered in the menu is the “Help” button. Clicking on it opens a comprehensive document that tells the user everything about Blackjack Switch, how it differs from regular blackjack, the possible game schemes and how the payouts are made.

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