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Despite technological development and digitalisation, many people are still passionate about literature published in traditional book form. Collecting books in your favourite literary genre allows you to reach for the best classics while relaxing and reading. Such pieces deserve a worthy place in your home or flat. In this way, they become both a valuable and interior decoration. They deserve high-quality book shelves that can be placed in the living room or dining room.

  • Book shelves in your favourite style
  • Functional bookcase with doors in the living room
  • Interesting and modern solutions
  • How to choose a shelf where you can keep your books and documents

Book shelves in your favourite style

Are you wondering how to display your books? You can choose stylish book shelves in various sizes and finishes. Currently, there is great interest in modern shelves that match classic, traditional, minimalist, glamorous and Scandinavian decor. They are characterised by a simple, geometric form that is decorative, but does not overwhelm the interior and fits perfectly with the interior design.

An alternative to this solution are shelves with interesting, unusual shapes that attract attention with their originality and unique design.

You can also decide on colours based on your personal preferences. Bookcases made in Sonoma oak, white, anthracite or classic black are very popular. Most often, they are made of wood or wood-like materials. Book shelves with metal elements are perfect for loft or industrial interiors. You will find such products at: https://www.edinos.pl/regaly-na-ksiazki.

Functional bookcase with doors in the living room

If you want to keep your books organised, you need a functional and practical shelf.

Choose furniture that will be solid, stable and can easily support heavy weight. If you don’t want to display all the books, you can choose a model with closed cabinets. You can place the best editions of books on open shelves. It is also a place where various decorations, for example photos and family souvenirs, look great.

On a well-designed shelf, your book collection will look elegant and tasteful. However, if it is a shelf that is to be located in the office, you can choose one that will accommodate A4 binders, magazines and business documentation.

Bookcases come in different sizes. It can also be a corner bookshelf or a shelving unit that suits unusual arrangements.

No matter what you need, the diversity of the assortment will make it easier for you to choose the solution that best suits your expectations.


Interesting and modern solutions

If you want, you can choose a bookshelf in which the shelves take the form of steps or trees. Bamboo furniture for original interiors or shelves with hidden, invisible shelves are also very interesting solutions.

Some shelves may look very unusual, but they have been designed to be safe, stable and durable. They are made only from the highest quality materials to serve their new owners for many years.

They are constructed to withstand heavy loads. At the same time, they emphasise the style of the interior, harmonise with its decor or constitute an original and distinctive element of equipment.

How to choose a shelf where you can keep your books and documents

Pay attention to the style and availability of the space where you want to place this piece of furniture. Remember the dimensions and number of books you want to display. If you also want to store other items in the shelf, choose a model with a large number of cabinets, drawers and shelves. In a room with limited space, shelves without doors are best, because such a solution will require more space to open the furniture freely. Also decide whether you prefer the piece of furniture placed against the wall or in the corner of the room.

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