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Things to Consider Before Choosing an Inflatable Paddle Board

The paddle board market has been flooded with lots of cheap paddle boards because it’s beginning to gain popularity.

Many online marketplaces are churning our false information about products, using fake customer reviews by people who know little to nothing about paddle boards.

We will be sharing some information that will help you determine the best paddling board to invest in and as well make the right purchasing decision.

What do you need it for?

Different paddling boards are made for different reasons. If you’re an amateur at paddle boarding, you should watch out for inflatable SUP. This will provide you with lots of opportunities to explore.

If you’re experienced in SUP, you should go for performance or sport paddle boards as they’ll help you move faster and enjoy the paddle.

Learners and those trying to increase their confidence should get an ultra-stable inflatable board.

Then, some boards are specifically designed for different types of paddle boarding, such as SUP yoga, whitewater SUP, racing SUP, SUP surfing, SUP touring, and so on. As long as you can determine the specific reason for getting a paddle board, you can narrow down your choices.

What Size and Shape is Ideal for You?

Paddle boards are produced based on the height and weight of the user.

Size and shape determine how stable you will be, how you glide, move fast, maneuver, or quickly turn.

For instance, a narrow board is faster than a wide one, long board has more glide than a short one, a wide board provides more stability, and thick boards can hold more weight.

Materials and construction

Different materials and construction methods are used in manufacturing the various paddle boards in the market. So, you must understand some basic things about the materials and construction methods used before buying a paddle board.

Paddle boards that are designed with one layer of material will be light and inexpensive. On the other hand, those that are designed with dual-layer are stronger and more expensive. The cost of manufacturing the dual-layer board is quite much, and they’re becoming less common. So, be sure that you’re investing in the right board before parting away with your hard-earned money.

Deck Pad and Riggings

If your deck pad isn’t made of high quality, you may not enjoy your paddling.

Deck pads come in various densities and material thicknesses, and they also have different textures. The textures will affect how the deck feels and how much grip it will have. Go for high-end boards for good grip and feel as you paddle.

The bungee tie-downs and the D-rings on the board should also be considered since you will need enough rigging to keep your items safe. However, ensure that you do not bring along unnecessary heavy items that may pool you in the water.

Go for boards with centered D-rings at the nose and tail and a single crisscross bungee system close to the paddle board’s nose. Any additional accessories are not important, and they may get in the way as you paddle.

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