Brazil’s 2021 Copa America Kits Designed by Nike Are Here

One of the most important facets of international soccer tournaments is the jersey. Even the fans scattered around the globe who are not able to fly all the way to the country where the tournament matches are held spend good money on the shirts and buy them just to don them and show their support for their favorite teams. And now, just in time for the 2021 Copa America tournament and the 2022 World Cup qualifiers that are about to start, Nike has launched the kits for the Brazil team. And this year’s theme is about ‘Football’s Most Beautiful Team’, an ode to the Seleção’s iconic 1970 win against Italy as well as to the team, which is considered the greatest team of all time.

Inspired by ‘football’s most beautiful team’ – sobradinhoec.com.br, as dubbed by FIFA, commentators, and players around the world, Nike has designed the jerseys keeping in mind the aura and brand of the nation’s most successful team. The jerseys are designed for both home and away series:

  • Home jersey – the classic Brazil canary yellow and green combination with a dash of the good old Joga Bonito flair on the strips (the diamond motifs are a great variation to look at)

  • Away jersey – Here the diamond motifs are scattered across the shirt, going from dim to dark blue as you go up

Both the shirts have the classic Confederation of Brazilian Football (CBF) logo in a shield cover on the heart-side, along with the ‘70’ (depicting the year) inside the collar of the home shirt. The font for the number is the same as that used by the Seleção when they beat Italy in Mexico’s ground about 50 years ago. The shirts project an air of rightful vanity, helping the new players gather the courage and the determination as handed over by their legendary fathers.

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The CBF logo is embedded on a Christ cross with five stars on top of it, which is contrasted against the yellow and dark blue colors by its light blue tint. Both the shirts are immensely noticeable and are bound to give a solid addition to collectors and fans.

“More than winning the World Cup in Mexico, the 1970 Brazilian team and their football mean much more – the genius of that team still resonates on the field and in people’s minds,” explained Gustavo Viana, Marketing Director at Nike Brazil while he talked to Versus. “We are honoring the team that installed revolutions ahead of its time, with versatile players who collectively challenged their pre-established roles. A style of football that would become legendary, the ‘beautiful game’ at its best.”

Talking about the inspiration, Nike refers to the legendary 1970 win of the Brazil team against Italy, which was re-lived by the then captain Carlos Alberto in this video uploaded by FIFA in 2014. It is nice of Brazil and Nike to pay homage to the stars of that game as fans still remember the team and all their matches against England, Peru, and Italy as they continue to root for their favorite national team. Not just Brazilians and South Americans, but the Brazil national team is a favorite of a lot many people around the world. It is then no doubt that these news jerseys will be selling like hot cakes once they hit the shelves.

Twitter has already erupted with the launch of the new Brazil jerseys with netizens wondering when the new line will go live. While there is no data announced on the Nike website, it is sure to be available by next year after the Brazil team wears it for the World Cup qualifiers and the friendly matches against Venezuela and Uruguay in the coming months.

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