Budget-Friendly but Premium Cone Sleeve Boxes

It is usually said that none on this planet does not love ice cream. People of all ages love it. This milky and creamy dessert is available in many flavours, each of which has its unique taste. And speaking of ice cream, how can we forget the cone sleeve that it is packaged in since these sleeves work as protective holders and prevent it from making a mess if it melts.

These days, the cones sleeves is made to hold the ice cream cone and make it look more appealing and exciting to lure in more customers.

Beautiful Cone Packaging

These days, the cone packaging sleeves that brands are using are distinct and unique to every brand. Whether it be the design or the style, shape or size. Depending on the customers’ requirements, these sleeves are changed accordingly.

You can also add customized prints, which might include your brand’s logo or any other information or just some catchy graphics. This will help you to set your brand apart and make it unique truly.

How to Make Budget-Friendly Cone Packaging?

When we talk about customized packaging, it is our top priority to make these sleeves the best and the most expensive looking. And since we are talking about expensive looking, this does not mean that they have to be costly. You can get customized cone packaging that is easy on the budget while also looking expensive.

Here is how you can make it possible.

Making Expensive-Looking Sleeves

Using Top Materials

If we are talking about pricy things, it all comes down to their quality since these sleeves are there to prevent the melted ice cream from falling on your clothes. So it is a given that these sleeves must be made from the top of line material. Most of the time, these sleeves are made from:

  • Kraft
  • Cardboard
  • Corrugated
  • Fiberboard

These materials are preferred as they are all flexible and durable materials. These can be easily customized into cone shape while also providing the needed protection. Moreover, these materials are eco-friendly and are bio-degradable, which makes them a preferable choice. Since they are only for one-time use, so they help us keep a clean environment while also maintaining our cones safe.

Customized Prints

Customers tend to get attracted to things that have a unique presence and appeal to them. The same could be applied to your cone sleeves. You can get these customized sleeves made with unique prints and catchy graphics that can help attract more customers to your brand.

It has been found that customers enjoy the ice cream and look for the presentation, and these fun cone packaging sleeves can help you make it happen. These customizations can help you give an eye-catching and attention-grabbing look to your cone packaging sleeves.

Using Innovative Designs

To make your cone more presentable, it should look more appealing while in the sleeve. Therefore, you can choose to make these boxes in unique shapes. These shapes could be in any form, such as ice cream, chocolate etc. you have to keep some space for a pocket in which the cone could slide in.

This will help make your cones more unique in presentation and help increase your customer reach.

Pick Eye-catching Color Combination

Color combination is perhaps the most crucial thing in our whole-cone packaging design. It does not matter how good or unique your graphics or shapes the sleeves are. If your colour combination is not on point, it will not make the sleeves more appealing.

A good practice is to go for colours similar to your brand. This helps you present the sleeves in your brand’s style and make the packaging brand relevant.

Using Embossing and Debossing

Another great tip to make expensive looking budget-friendly cone packaging sleeves is embossing and debossing techniques.

Embossing is used to highlight the important details such as:

  • Titles
  • Logos
  • Names
  • Contact Information

These details are helpful to make your brand easily recognizable and approachable. Whereas debossing is used to press these details into the surface of the sleeves, which makes the printing more secure, and prevents these details from fading away due to moisture.

Customized Finishing Coats

Finally, the last and final step in making your sleeves complete and expensive looking is selecting a good finishing coat. These coats are essential for the following reasons:

  • Firstly, they make the sleeves look more appealing and high-end while also making them feel more high-end.
  • Secondly, they work as a protective layer for your prints and ensures that they do not fade away with time., this increases their shelf life.

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