Candidate skills testing and its impact on better hiring decisions

Recruiters have only one objective – to quickly find and place skilled candidates in the right roles. And they use skills testing software to evaluate candidate abilities easily.

Placing candidates successfully involves–

  1. Speed
  2. Thorough assessment

These two important factors determine the success of candidate sourcing and placement. Hiring is very competitive. That’s why agencies utilise recruitment software to ensure their entire recruiting process is organised and efficient. Recruiters also use good skills testing software systems for their pre-employment skills testing.

These software solutions are valuable in getting recruiters to work quickly and efficiently while providing the tools to conduct proper candidate skills assessments to help make suitable placements.

Benefits of skills tests during the recruitment process

  • Quickly filter applications
  • Assess candidate abilities
  • Group applicants according to skill level
  • Swift hiring process
  • Recruiting the right person

These are just a few of the advantages that come from using skills tests. These days, recruiters receive hundreds of applications for a single role. If the role has to be filled quickly it becomes challenging to do a thorough assessment of the candidates in a short amount of time. The right candidate is one among the hundreds of applicants. That’s why it is necessary to do a good job of evaluating the candidates.

Skills testing software enables recruiters to be efficient and effective in sifting through the list of applicants. A good software has standardised and scientific methods of measuring an individual’s skills and capabilities. All candidates need to be assessed in the same way so that the results are fair and honest.

Using candidate skills assessment tests helps hasten the hiring process which is beneficial for everyone. It is of utmost importance to get the right candidate in the role on the first attempt. Rehiring for the same role costs time and money. Therefore, recruiters must find the most qualified candidate at the outset. And candidate skills testing software is a very helpful tool for that purpose.

Effects of skills test results on hiring decisions

Hiring involves CV parsing, reading cover letters, and interviewing candidates. Each of these steps is crucial for assessing applicants. Recruiters and hiring companies want to be sure that the final candidate they choose is the perfect one for the job. But interviews do not provide a clear picture of an individual’s abilities and talents.

Skills tests and the results provide a much needed additional layer of support. There are a variety of tests available in the skills testing software. If the advertised job is for a mid-level finance role, there is an accounting skills test along with an MS Office skills test that recruiters can send the shortlisted candidates. Similarly, if it’s an admin role then applicants can be asked to take data entry or typing skills tests. Literacy and numeracy skills tests are among the most common tests.

These days an increasing number of recruitment agencies are using online skills testing. It’s highly convenient allowing recruiters to quickly select the appropriate tests for their candidates from within the software. All this can be achieved within minutes, thus saving a huge amount of time.

The test results come straight to the recruiter’s inbox once the candidates are done with their tests. These results are important. They show how an individual has performed as well as their level of skill when compared to a group of candidates. It enables recruiters to see how their applicants have fared and who is the better candidate.

Hiring companies can use this information when making their final decision. They will be able to see which candidate has the talent and knowledge to do their job well. A CV is an easy way to exaggerate skills and interviews are convenient for those who go prepared with a list of standard answers. Instead of relying only CVs and interviews as a way to measure candidate abilities, recruiters must utilise online skills testing software to help candidates prove their abilities.

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