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Finding car subscription deals in my area has always been a hassle. I love to rent cars when I go out for a weekend or to see friends. When I am far away from my home town, I use the Internet and a local search engine like Google to find deals for rentals. However, I have always wondered if the deals I get are worth the subscription fee to the service.

A few months ago I decided to look at the subscription deals online. I was a bit confused because they seemed pretty good, and of course, they were advertised as "premium" deals. I know what a premium deal is, but I didn't really  understand whether or not they were worth it. Then I came across this article about  a new company called Tesla.

In addition to the premium option for car rentals, they also offer a membership option that will allow you to get unlimited use of their vehicle subscription service. The only the catch is that you need to purchase your own Model S or Model X. The advantage to This is that you can drive as many cars as you like. I love to rent when I go on short trips, so I would definitely benefit from this application. What I do find disappointing is that it does not provide any insurance coverage for you when you use the service.

If I had been able to get a car subscription near me with the same benefits as the one offered to me by Tesla, I might be very excited about it. The main thing that would making me jump at the chance to subscribe to that service is the cost. It is very cheap to join, but the main reason that the cost is so cheap is that it provides coverage for only one month of the year. If I want to drive my car for more than one month each this year, I will definitely have to shell out more money.

The cost of membership in those two subscription services is similar. There is also no roadside assistance included with the subscription plans. What this means is that you will have to shell out your own money to pay for the cost of having someone come out and service your car in the event of an emergency. The cost of roadside assistance for

Most members of these two car subscription services is about $20 per month. To me, That is not very expensive. The other major drawback to using this car rental service outside of a subscription program is the customer service call center. The reason that it is a drawback is that it can become very busy in some areas. I live in an area where it can be pretty crazy depending on the day of the week. For that reason, I usually prefer to have my

automobile rented from a place that offers excellent customer service.

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