CBD Oil for Pets — How to Choose the Best for Your Dog

Are you considering CBD oil as an alternative treatment for your dog’s health problems? Many other pet parents want to give this a try like you. The only problem is finding the right one for your pup.

Come with us and let’s show you the benefits of cannabidiol and how to choose the best. We will also let you in on the right dosage to consider.

Benefits of CBD Oil to Dogs

Just like human beings, dogs also possess an endocannabinoid system which helps them get optimal benefits from a CBD treatment.

There are recent studies that have proven that cannabidiol is indeed beneficial to dogs. For starters, this non-psychoactive treatment has been shown to reduce seizures, anxiety, inflammation, and pain in dogs. It also can improve the dog’s skin conditions.

What’s more? Seeing that cannabidiol has shown more benefits to humans in its ability to treat illnesses like glaucoma, insomnia, loss of appetite, and depression, more research is currently being done to explore the possibility of seeing more of the human benefits in dogs.

So, cannabidiol treatment may eventually become beneficial to canines in more ways than you may already know.

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How to Choose the Best CBD Oil for Your Dog

In a market where there are all kinds of cannabidiol oils, having the right information will help you choose the best cannabidiol oil for your pet and its safety.

Here are some things to consider before you choose for your dog:

1. Choose Organic CBD

Before you buy a cannabidiol oil for your pet, be sure to check its ingredients and confirm that they are organic. The CBD should be extracted from cannabis that is organically grown. It should also be free from toxins.

Meanwhile, you may also want to consider the extraction process of the oil; which may be available on the brand’s website. High-quality cannabidiol is often made using safe methods like cold ethanol and carbon dioxide extraction. Avoid products that were made with cheap methods where harmful solvents like butane and propane are used to extract the THC.

2. Check the THC Content

THC is a psychoactive compound in cannabis that is often present in cannabidiol oil for pets. However, its content in the oil is one important factor that you must consider.

A high level of THC can be detrimental to your dog. You can avoid this by choosing a CBD oil that has lower than 0.3% of THC in it.

3. Choose Independently Tested Products

While shopping for the best oil for your pet, consider brands that test their products independently, and can provide proof of testing. Such brands can guarantee the safety of their products on your pet.

The 3rd Party testing may include a test for pesticides, heavy metals, residual solvent, mycotoxin, and microbiology. It is important that you get pet products for dogs that have gone through these tests.

Choose Independently Tested Products

4. Choose Sugar-free CBD Oil

Pure CBD Oil formulated for humans will leave a bitter taste on your tongue. This explains why people who use it put it in a cup of tea to mask the taste. It’s the same case for animals.

So, because of this characteristic bitter taste, some brands now add sugar and artificial flavoring to the pet cannabidiol. This may not be toxic to your animal if it is only present in a small amount.

However, cannabidiol with large amounts of sugar or sweeteners may lead to health issues like stomach upset, cavities, weight gain, and diabetes in the long term.

Your dog is better off with a sugar-free product.

5. Consider CBD Treats

Your dog may refuse CBD oil if it has a bitter taste. You have the option of cannabidiol treats in such cases.

Cannabidiol treats are often formulated as biscuits for pets and are suitable for dog owners who would like the easiest way to treat their dogs with cannabidiol. With these treats, you won’t need to bother yourself with measuring the oil or mixing it with your pet’s food to mask its taste.

How Much CBD Oil to Give Your Dog – The Correct Dosage

As much as you may be excited at the prospects of a CBD treatment for your dog, you must give the pet the correct dosage.

While there’s no one-size-fits-all dosage for administering cannabidiol to pets, the following tips will guide you on the right CBD dosage for dogs or cats:

  • Check with your vet before giving any treatment to the pet.
  • Start with small doses (5mg once daily) and increase it gradually if you need to. You can monitor how your dog responds to the CBD to know what to do next.
  • Consider the size, weight, as well as activity level of your dog to get a sense of the dog’s metabolism rate.
  • Take note of any health condition like kidney or liver problems that can affect the dog’s reaction to the treatment.
  • Choose high-quality cannabidiol.
  • Purchase the right CBD potency considering the size of your dog. Check the brand’s CBD for the right potency to buy.

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CBD oil is a highly beneficial treatment for different issues that dogs experience. It has been shown to treat seizures, anxiety, inflammation, and pain in dogs without leaving them feeling ‘high’.

However, finding the right one for your dog may be a bit challenging with the right information. So far we’ve shown you that the best cannabidiol oil for your dog must be organic, independently tested, have not more than 3% THC, and must be sugar-free.

It is also crucial to give your pet the right dosage of the treatment to get the best results and to avoid unpleasant reactions.

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