CCNA: What is it and how does it improve your professional profile?

Currently in the professional world, having a university degree does not make you the best candidate for a good job. Therefore, the development of better skills, techniques and digital talent is necessary to be more competitive.

At the same time, the importance of information technologies ccna 200 301 dumps is currently generating new jobs, where specific certifications are required, are highly requested and well paid.

For this reason, large information security companies such as Cisco and Fortinet created their own study systems, such as certification academies for students who successfully complete their exams related to network security.

What is CCNA?

CCNA or Cisco Certified Network Academy is a CCNA Certification In Dallas created by Cisco as a training plan in computer network technologies. People who pass the corresponding exam will be certified in network and internet infrastructure.

In this way, the CCNA certified professional is accredited by Cisco in knowledge of network design, configuration and implementation under the OSI model with equipment manufactured by Cisco.

CCNA modules

In its latest version, CCNA v7, it is made up of three modules: Introduction to networks; Routing, Switching and Wireless fundamentals; and Enterprise networks, security and automation. These elements provide the student with the necessary knowledge for the configuration and enablement of networks that a modern company requires.

Module 1: Introduction to Networks

This introductory module establishes the theoretical bases, including the architecture, functions, components and models of the Internet, as well as the structure of computer networks. Mention is also made of the principles of IP addressing and the fundamental concepts of Ethernet.

Toward the finish of the module, understudies will actually want to assemble straightforward LAN organizations, make essential arrangements of switches and switches, and execute IPv4 and IPv6 tending to plans, among different viewpoints.

Module 2: Fundamentals of Routing, Switching and Wireless

This module shows and depicts the design, segments and activity of switches and switches in a little organization, figuring out how to arrange the fundamental functionalities of these gadgets in wired and remote organizations (WLANs).

Moreover, the activity of exchanged organizations, the execution of virtual neighborhood (VLANs), the storage compartment joins and the steering between them (between VLAN) are contemplated, including the help conventions for tending to, availability, security and the board of organization gadgets.

At long last, the ideas and models of steering, the utilizations of static directing, and a way to deal with taking care of issues in the organizations that carry out it are introduced. Endless supply of this module, understudies ought to have the option to carry out little steered and exchanged organizations, just as address basic difficulties and issues.

Module 3: Enterprise Networks, Security and Automation

In this last module the student will be trained in the following knowledge:

  • Implementation of larger and more complex networks
  • Selection criteria for network devices and secure connectivity using the appropriate WAN technologies to meet the target requirements
  • Available methods for implementing QoS
  • Structure and components of software-defined networks (SDN)

Tools used in network automation and programming. It should be noted that there are different types of certifications granted by Cisco, in addition to Cisco Certified Network Associate, there are also: Cisco Certified Network Professional and Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert, better known by their acronyms: CCNP and CCIE.

Benefits of CCNA certification

  • Improvement of your skills and abilities as an ICT professional.
  • Increase in your level of employability.
  • Worldwide job opportunity, numerous companies around the world use Cisco products and therefore need certified professionals in their technologies.
  • You improve your digital talent, acquiring new skills.
  • Access to high-level network simulators, remote desktop technologies, and certified instructors that facilitate your learning process.

Tips for acquiring the CCNA certification

CCNA is one of the most valued certifications in the current world of work and with a high demand in the field of ICT professionals, for this reason there is a large community and online documentation that you can search to consult before enrolling in a formal course.

Additionally, we can recommend the participation of a CCNA professional course in an institute authorized by Cisco to provide this training, it will not only provide you with a guided training by professionals who have already obtained the certification and worked in various companies as team members of ICT, but can include numerous other benefits.

Where to study for the Cisco CCNA certification?

SPOTO Learning, is an institute recognized by Cisco to provide this training, has teachers with extensive experience in information and communication technologies, in addition to providing students with an online learning platform and a simulation prior to the official exam.


By becoming certified with this type of knowledge, you will be able to improve or complement your skills to compete in a technology industry that every year becomes more difficult and with greater technical demands.

At SPOTO Learning we have the mission of helping you improve your digital talent. We are a Cisco accredited academy, with courses taught by certified professionals to give you the educational quality you deserve.

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