Class 8 Maths Preparation Guide

Mathematics is a subject that is hated by a significant number of students and also loved by a similar portion of students. The main difference between both the demographics is the amount of practice they do as mathematics is not a subject you can score well in by just studying overnight. However, if the preparation is done properly in an enjoyable as well as a productive way, it is probably the most scoring subject in class 8th. If you are going to score a perfect 100 in any subject, it is most likely going to be Mathematics as getting a perfect score in other subjects is practically almost impossible.

So, if you are looking for a guide to up your preparation game and ace your Class 8th Mathematics NCERT Book, you are at the perfect place. Corroborate that you are going to follow the below guide thoroughly and you are very certain to do well in your final examination.

Analyze the Syllabus

Below given is the list of the chapters asked in the class 8 mathematics exam. You are advised to analyze it properly and then prepare a schedule suiting yourself to cover all the subjects in the order from most important with respect to weightage in the exam to the least important in a similar way.


ChaptersName of Chapter
1.Rational Numbers
2.Linear Equations in One Variable
3.Understanding Quadrilaterals
4.Practical Geometry
5.Data Handling
6.Squares and Square Roots
7.Cubes and Cube Roots
8.Comparing Quantities
9.Algebraic Expressions and Identities
10.Visualizing Solid Shapes
12.Exponents and Powers
13.Direct and Inverse Proportion
15.Introduction to Graphs
16.Playing with Numbers

Make a Schedule

Having a well-planned route is important for doing anything in life. Making a schedule will help you plan your preparation wisely and will ensure you are not wasting any time. Analyze the above syllabus and derive a personal schedule or timetable suited for yourself which is in sync with the things going on in your school. Also, follow it diligently and not just make it just for the sake of it, having a scheduled order of covering all the topics will help you a lot more than you can ever imagine, especially in a subject like mathematics,  where consistency is key.

Use the Right Books

The first step should be to finish all the questions in the NCERT book including the examples. After you have completed the NCERT at least once and have ZERO doubts, you can move on and look at different reference books to expand your question bank.

One widely suggested reference book for class 8 maths is the RS Aggarwal textbook. It contains a large number of questions covering all the topics in the class 8 Mathematics syllabus by CBSE and one of its perks is that the Class 8 Maths RS Aggarwal Solutions are also available online to help you whenever needed.

Solve Sample Papers

To really excel at your class 8 maths examination, you need to have a clear picture of how that exam is going to be. The best way of developing that picture is to solve as many sample papers as you can. They not only help you in getting used to the exam pattern but also help you in analyzing your performance and identifying your strengths and weaknesses. They are also a very good way to practice and to revise different topics at once instead of revising them separately as you might have done otherwise.

Prioritize the Challenging Topics

To score really well in the exam, you first need to nail down all the topics with a high weightage. While these may be difficult and more time-consuming to study, these topics will contain the major marks proportion in your final class 8 exam so it is important that you do them properly and do not leave them just because they are difficult or time-consuming.

After analyzing the previous years’ papers of different schools, the most important chapters according to us are Understanding Quadrilaterals, Practicing Geometry, Algebraic Expressions and Identities, and Introduction to Graphs. You are, however, advised to look at your own school’s previous years’ question papers or to ask your teachers for helping you in figuring out the most important topics that you will be required to spend more time on as compared to the others.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

  • Make sure to not commit any calculation errors
  • Do not hurry to answer any questions. Always read the question properly before attempting it.
  • Do not spend too much time on a particular problem. If you ever feel that you are stuck,  just leave the question without thinking twice. You can always revisit the problem later if you have the time.
  • Try not to skip any topics in your preparation regardless of their weightage. You want the best probable chance of scoring well and that will be achieved if and only if you cover all the topics.
  • Feel free to ask your teacher’s doubts and never go into an examination with doubt inside your head. This is a thing to keep in mind for all the exams and not just your class 8 maths exam.
  • Never ever try to remember the problems in mathematics instead try to figure out the problems with the concepts you have learned.


Despite many students making it out to be a nightmare, class 8 mathematics is not that difficult at all, especially if you have prepared well enough. You can definitely perform well in your maths exam in class 8th if you devise a plan accordingly with your syllabus and follow it diligently. Your first choice in books should be the NCERT or your school board’s book and after that, you can solve different reference books designed for class 8th mathematics. You should prioritize some topics over others during your preparation and solve as many sample papers as possible. If you follow all the above-mentioned points and avoid many common mistakes, you are very likely to do well in your 8th class mathematics exam.

All the best for your preparation:)

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