Classy Christmas: 4 Fancy Gift Ideas for The Holidays

Christmas is right around the corner. Even if we didn’t really have a year that could have been a bit more fun, it really isn’t a crime to still celebrate Christmas time. In fact, this could be only one of very few positive things to come in all of 2020.

But to make a better impression on your loved ones, why not pick out some of the classiest (or fanciest) kinds of gifts for Christmas?

Here are a few ideas you can choose from.

  • A Watch that has the Vintage Flavor

There are many German-made machines that have been very popular throughout the years that have passed. Porsche, the Volkswagen Beetle, and the Glashutte Original Vintage watch. If you’re an avid collector of good quality timepieces, then you know where this article will be going. Today, we will discuss anything and everything that’s centered on the infamous Glashutte Original Vintage line.

Back in 1994, the prestigious German watchmaker founded Glashutte Original. This resulted from the privatization of VEB Glashutter Uhrenbetriebe which is an East German conglomerate that was formed back in 1951. They were basically based in Glashutte. The very earliest beginnings of the brand actually date back all the way to 1854. This was the year in which the first master watchmakers settled on Glashutte. Here, they got to realize their dream of an independent Saxon watchmaking industry.

These watches are mostly inspired by two very famous eras of the years past which were the sixties and the seventies. In essence, Glashutte Original Vintage watches embody the very finest level of German watchmaking. They craft each of these timepieces with exceptional attention to detail that helps ensure every element and part is of the highest quality. This can be a reminder of better times before the pandemic. And like time itself, everything including the bad things will pass on by, eventually.

  • Breville Espresso Machine

The Christmas season will surely be a cool season. Literally. And what a good way to spend it than to have a good warm cup of espresso you can make with the aid of your very own espresso machine!

Breville was founded in Sydney all the way back in 1932 and has clearly become the global icon that helps enhance people’s lives with the use of thoughtful design and excellent innovation. Breville has been delivering its products to over seventy countries all around the world. With that level of history, surely an Espresso machine produced by Breville is a 100 percent pure classy luxurious Christmas gift.

That being said, the Breville Espresso Machine is a classy machine for sure. It can optimize every aspect of its process from grinding to extraction all the way down to the microfoam milk texture. These Espresso machines are designed to use only the correct amount of fresh ground beans while making sure that the temperature control is precise and stable, and the water pressure is optimal. These help in creating a tasty and harmonious blend of espresso.

  • The Newest Apple Watch

If you ever want to give maximum effort, gifting the newest Apple Watch is an absolute win. Apple didn’t start out making watches. As we all know (if you’ve been familiar and also watched the movie) Apple started as Apple Computers Inc. on April 1, 1976, by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. Wozniak left Apple in 1983 after he had grown tired of the whole routine of Apple back then. But after a while, it all picked up for the company.

Fast forward to September 2014, the Apple watch was introduced by Tim Cook, which was in conjunction with the iPhone 6. This was marketed as a cool fashion accessory. After a few months in April 2015, the watch was officially released.

Today, the Apple Watch Series 6 now presents features that most people would have initially thought would only exist in Sci-fi films. Blood oxygen level checks that provide some insight of your overall wellness, a faster S6 system in package, and the next generation altimeter. Other cool new features include Sleep Tracking, Family Setup, an automatic handwashing detection system, new workout types, and many more that will help users stay active and connected.

This will be a very cool upgrade after a year of surviving the pandemic.

  • An Electric Bicycle

Though staying home is one of the best ways to curve down the risks of the virus from spreading, running errands would still require you to go out from time to time. A wonderful gift you can give yourself is a nice set of wheels that will help you run faster during these grocery runs. An electric set of wheels.

The Elby Nine Speed Electric Bike is essentially one of the best well-made electric bikes today that offers intuitive controls and a near-perfect ride.

This bike comes from Elby Mobility. This brand has experience with having a hand in building some of the most awesome luxury car brands like Aston Martin, BMW, Porsche, and Mini. And just like these supercars, the electric bikes that are made by Elby are in the same level of automotive design as their four-wheeled counterparts.

The bike runs using its D-Series motor system that comes from BionX. This can be found on the back wheel. This is then powered by an 11.6Ah removable battery pack, which is placed right at the bottom bracket covered by a removable plastic panel.

What’s fancy about this is the fact that the motor doesn’t just make the bike go, it also provides regenerative braking. What that means is that it feeds the potential energy lost because of braking back to the bike’s battery. This is a feature that is also used in supercars like the McLaren P1 and the hybrid cars that have been made recently.


We hope this article helps you out in getting the classiest gifts either for your loved ones or for yourself. It’s good to indulge yourself sometimes, and this season is the best time to do so. Enjoy the holidays!

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