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Here are the cloudways hosting review . Let us start with some of its detailed descriptions related to its benefits and new features. Cloud-based hosting reviews are getting ordinary day by day. Do you know the fantastic things that make it attractive for customers day by day? Here we will tell you everything about this. You can select five platforms as a google cloud platform, amazon web services, as you go Plan and friendly wallet pay. You can sign up freely without processing a credit card at the cloudways site. That is why cloudways hosting is worth considering. Following reviews related to its uses and benefits will make you more clear about its great work and importance in the world of web hosting services.

Cloud hosting plans:

It works with several clustered servers for balancing your website load. It does not make you dabble in VPS, traditional shared, and dedicated hosting plans. This company offers you hourly cloud hosting packages. These are the packages that charge you only when you have used them. For example, if you have used it for ten days and then you want to cancel the box, you will only be charged for ten days. Many other companies do not support this feature. Moreover, cloud ways also offer traditional monthly billing.

Building a website:

Cloudways do not possess many typical web hosting elements, but it deals relatively with building a website. WordPress is a CMS choice, and its service can create a server in just seven minutes. You can log in to it with your credentials, you can select a theme, you may tweak pages and posts, and you may add different images. It will be a tremendous trouble-free experience. Cloudways let the customer have separately monitor the applications on the server. This serves the purpose in two levels which are Analytics and Logs. Analytics work for traffic information, while logs deal with website access and error log.

E-commerce and security

The library of cloudways is complete with e-commerce tools such as the most popular Magento and Prestashop platforms. You can make an attractive store by using Magento website elements.

Cloudways updates the regular operating systems with firmware upgrades. Hence it makes your installation relatively safer and reliable. Other than this, cloudways give you free secure socket layer certificates, which is essential in ensuring data protection if you want to sell the product later. Furthermore, it has a sender policy framework and DomainKeys identified mail for giving you more security.

Excellent uptime:

One of the most critical factors about web hosting service is website uptime. If your website is down, then the clients or customers cannot access the site to have your products but don’t worry, the reviews are good for excellent uptime of cloudways. It has a fantastic website uptime. You can test its uptime by using a cloudways hosted test site. All the test sites reviewed that cloudways is stable as compared to the other sites.

Customer service:

The important thing which a website should have is customer service. Cloudways has remarkable customer service. You will always have someone to talk to on cloudways services. You will have the option of speaking with a person or talking through webchat. You will quickly get answers. The cloudways review will give you accurate information on your queries and issues. It includes the traditional hosting structure and the company’s payment method. Its refund policy is very well explained. You will hardly digest the whole policy because there is so much explanation related to it which is an imposing feature.

Amazingly focused web host:

There are so many things for liking about cloudways. One of the most loving things about this is that it offers flexible cloud hosting plans. Top-notch web-based customer support, fast setup times with fantastic uptime. It is one of the tremendous companies you can use to help your website be up all the time. It would help if you gave me a chance to cloudways to enjoy the best web hosting experience.


  • Excellent time up
  • Supports numerous apps
  • Several flexible account tiers
  • Pay as you go plans
  • Site cloning
  • Try service beforesigning up for free


  • Email costs extra
  • No domain registration option
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