Common Types of Air Conditioners for Office Use

Having the right temperature is vital in an office, so you need to have the correct type of air conditioner. Various models of AC are available in the market, which also come with new features, like energy-saver and air ionisation. Remember that choosing the right size is important to ensure that it efficiently cools the space and leads to the following:

  • More productive employees.Your employees are your most important assets, so you need to ensure they are comfortable while working. If the temperature in the office is too hot, it will be difficult for them to focus, which will affect their productivity.
  • Prevent health problems in the office. The high temperature in the office could lead to various illnesses, such as heat cramps, dizziness, and dehydration. Your employees get exhausted easily if it’s extremely hot. They may be unable to function at their best and this might increase absences due to sickness, which greatly affects business operations. Having the ideal temperature in the workplace could prevent this from happening.
  • Happy clients.According to studies, there’s a higher chance that clients will purchase if the environment is good. Besides being clean and presentable, an office or company with a nice temperature could increase sales.

Aside from buying the appropriate air conditioner, choosing the right installers is also essential. If the AC is not properly installed, it may not work as effectively as it should. So, if your office is located in Surrey, a reliable and professional air conditioning Surrey service provider is your best bet. You’ll also get the service quicker since it’s around the area. Here are the most common ones used in offices.

  • Split AC.  Also called a single-split AC system, a split AC is used to cool individual rooms or may be combined to cool bigger spaces. There is one outdoor unit for every indoor unit in this type of air conditioning system. The pros of a split AC are its affordability and ease of maintenance. Also, since they have separate units, you can still use the others even if one malfunctions. However, although the indoor unit is quiet, the outdoor unit can be extremely noisy.
  • Multi-split AC. This type of AC only requires one outdoor unit to connect several indoor units. It saves space outside, and you can adjust the temperature of the indoor unit individually for each room. However, the outdoor unit can be huge, which may not look presentable. This type of AC also consumes more energy than its single-split counterpart.
  • Ducted air conditioning system. It uses an outdoor unit connected to the indoor unit, although the latter is usually hidden in the ceiling. Cooled air travels through the ducts that lead to different rooms. A wall-mounted controller lets you manage which room to cool or not. However, they are pricier and consume more energy.

Weigh your options on which type of AC works best for your office. Remember to get the right size and ensure proper installation.

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